10 Easy Ways To Smell Fresh When You Have No Time for a Shower!

Last Updated on September 27, 2020

Regular showers are necessary to stay clean, healthy, refreshed, and relaxed. While most of us just can’t go a few days without taking a shower or enjoying a warm bath, things don’t always go the way we want them to and there are times when getting your body under running water is quite impossible; for instance, when traveling, dealing with major life problems, having an abnormally hectic schedule, or running late for something important.

But having no time to take a shower doesn’t necessarily mean having to deal with a bad smell. There are some simple habits that you can introduce to your daily routine so you can always smell fresh even without showering.
Check out these 10 effective ways that will help you smell fresh when you’re too busy to hop in a shower.

10. Body oils

To keep your body smelling nice, you can use perfumed body oil instead of spraying perfume all over the place. Body oil is a better option because it can leave a long-lasting smell on your skin, while perfume may even promote a weird, unpleasant smell as it mixes with the already existing smells on your body and clothes. It’s best to use a body oil with a mild aroma and a more natural scent to rub it on your skin whenever you need to. Cleansing oils are also a good option to keep your skin clean and fresh.

9. Baby wipes

Wet wipes can be a life-saving option when you really don’t have time to shower but your body is itching for cleanliness. Baby wipes are easy to use and can make you feel clean to a certain extent because they can get rid of the bacteria responsible for bad body odors. Plus, you can use them on any part of your body and notice an immediate difference.
The best part about wet wipes is that they come in a wide variety of ingredients and scents, so you can choose your favorite if you don’t want to end up smelling like babies.

8. Extra layers of deodorant

Using your regular deodorant prevents the bad smell that may come from your sweat. But if you’re having a tight schedule, you may want to add more layers of deodorant to boost its effectiveness and make the good smell last longer so you can make it through the day.
In case it’s been a few days since you didn’t take a shower, make sure to clean your underarms using wet wipes first before you apply deodorant to avoid unpleasant smells.

7. Dry shampoo

To stop your hair from looking dull and greasy, you can turn to dry shampoo for a quick fix. Dry shampoo is one of the best solutions to fight oily hair, whether you don’t have time to shower or your hair gets greasy in no time and you just can’t keep up with it. Dry shampoos don’t only make your hair look and smell fresh but can also help increase the volume of your hair.

6. Wear headbands and wraps

If you don’t have dry shampoo or have no time to run to the store to get one, you can always turn to headbands and wraps to style your hair beautifully or help keep it in place so it can look clean. These bands make it easy to create a hairstyle that can camouflage dirty or bad-smelling hair. If you’re suffering from oily hair, you can try applying baby powder to make it look fresh again. It can deliver the same results as a dry shampoo.

5. Change your underwear

Our private parts can sweat too, even though it’s hardly noticeable. Not to mention the warm atmosphere they live in, which promotes bacteria growth that leads to a bad smell. One simple way to curb the bad odors coming from sweat is to toss your current underwear in the washing machine and wear a fresh, new one.
It’s best to change your underwear every day, especially if you tend to sweat a lot down there.

4. Change your socks

Feet usually sweat the most, compared to other body parts. That’s why they can easily end up smelling very bad after a long walk or a whole day without removing the shoes. To prevent or at least minimize the unpleasant smell, you need to change your socks regularly. You may also consider carrying an extra pair of socks if you know you’ll be out all day or sprinkle talcum powder all over the inside of your shoes before wearing them.

3. Avoid eating garlic, onion, and spicy foods

Your body can absorb everything that you feed it, and believe it or not, certain foods can help intensify your bad smell. If you’re already too busy to take a shower and cannot afford any extra unpleasant odors, then you need to watch what you eat. Stay away from all kinds of spicy dishes or any foods that are made with onion and garlic. Maybe you should stick to fruits and veggies.

2. Avoid wearing tight clothes

Wearing tight clothes can make multiple of your body parts get warm, which leads to sweat and then a bad odor. Moreover, tight clothes can absorb the bad-smelling sweat, causing the unpleasant scent to last and intensify.
It’s best to wear loose clothes that allow your skin to breathe and help it stay fresh.

1. Keep your skin hydrated

A well-hydrated body can smell fresher longer. So make sure to drink enough water and don’t forget to regularly moisturize your skin using body creams or oils. Taking care of your skin can significantly reduce the bad smells it can produce.

What methods do you use to keep your body smelling and feeling fresh? Please feel free to share a comment.


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