The Best 10 Countries with the Minimal Interest Charges For Loans

Last Updated on September 27, 2019

All human beings around the world share the same priorities. And money is the first priority that no one can deny the need for it, money is essential to buy things both desirables and necessities, you work hard to gain money and you need money to go to work, also you need money to travel and have some fun, and it also needed badly to get prescription for health.

So the best thing is to be able to get a loan with the minimal interest charges since it is indeed like getting free money!

Charges on a loan control the amount of money you are going to pay per month, and it also controls how much it is estimated to borrow for a big purchase like a car, a house, a yacht or any other big purchase.

Generally, loan interest charges are specified by the country’s central bank funds rate, so the lower the central bank charges are, the lower interest rate is on your mortgage or loan.

We collected for you a list of the countries with the total minimal central bank interest charges from the Global Interest Rate Monitor (GIRM).

So obtaining a loan from one of these countries may be a smart decision to make if you are thinking about a big business deal, or you are planning to move out of your country and you don’t have enough money. Have a look at the best places where you can move and borrow money easily.

1. Switzerland


Switzerland is indeed the first and the best one when it comes to loan application, since they have a negative interest charge, meaning that government will pay banks to lend them money, it really sounds perfect!

Therefore, everybody can benefits from this case since it trickles down to the consumer. Thus, if you are searching for a country to move in and you want to make a loan at the minimal and cheapest rate. Switzerland is indeed the place to be.

2. Denmark


Denmark in another country with a negative interest charge which is currently sitting at -65%, meaning borrowing money there is virtually free. Thus, if you are a current citizen, or you think about changing the view, Copenhagen is definitely a good destination for your future plans and programs.

3. Sweden


Well, when it comes to Europe and interest charges there’s absolutely a mutual theme, for Sweden is another European country which remains in the negative as of May 2017.

Well, I guess everyone would like to get paid to take out a mortgage or a loan; Also, Sweden is considered among the best countries in Europe with very good job opportunities. So maybe it’s time to make some changes!

4. Japan

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Japan’s national interest charge is actually sitting at -10% as stated by the Global Interest Rate Monitor (GIRM). So, it might not be as good as Sweden or Denmark, since any interest charge in the negative is the best chance to apply for a loan.

Yet, if Japan is your preferred country, we absolutely suggest checking out Okinawa region for the simple reason that it is a good place to settle in.

5. Bulgaria

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Bulgaria’s very active productions are rose oil that constitutes 85% of its economy, that’s why it is well known as the Land of Roses. But the best thing is its interest charges which are 0% when it comes to mortgages and loans.

In case you think of starting a business at Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, you don’t need to worry about paying out excessive money in interest.

6. Czech Republic


The Czech Republic is another country with a minimal interest –rate, its national interest rate of 05% is totally ideal for outsiders. The good thing about the low-interest charges is that the average household in the Czech Republic makes nearly around $25,000 USD per year.

7. Israel


Israel keeps reducing interest charges with the latest interest charges sitting at.10%. But, we cannot recommend starting a new business there or even considering it as your number one destination, due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While many cities in Israel are amazing, you can’t avoid drama as the main theme of this country.

8. United Kingdom


If you have been always dreaming about moving to London and enjoying the view of its tower, it’s time to make that dream comes true. The present interest charges in the United Kingdom have settled at around 25%, making homes low-coasted, and all your business plans easier to achieve. So maybe it’s time to change your accent into British!

9. Canada


Canada is now considered as the first destination for many people who wish to live in a very good society full of opportunities. Luckily, it will not be too far to a U.S citizen to move in, and the interest charges have been settled at around 50% in the mortgage loan arena.

Also, Canada is having one of the best educational systems in the world which are mostly provided publicly. So I f you are planning for a better educational future for your children, it’s the right time to move to Canada.

10. Fiji


Have you ever dreamed of spending your daily routine enjoying the sun on the beaches of Fiji? Well, your dream could be real thanks to their minimal interest charges of 50%. Besides the minimal interest charges, living in such an island is like spending your life time in a nonstop holiday! So what are you waiting for?!


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