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The Top 10 Luxurious Rvs That Money Can Buy

The Top 10 Luxurious Rvs That Money Can Buy

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Traveling is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most appreciated experiences in the world through which one can learn much and discover quite a lot of new and incredible, destinations, cultures, people, and many other valuable things!

But have you ever thought about making your experience more unique and quite hard to forget?

Well, you can easily do this if you are one of those filthy rich travelers and ready to pay one million dollars and sometimes even more in today’s incredibly luxurious recreational cars that will help you get lost in this big world and enjoy being on board in the middle of nowhere!

If you have enough money saved in the bank, it’s time to invest it in interesting things and get ready to start your travel journey! Keep in mind that you only live once, so don’t waste more time!

1. Furrion Elysium

The Manual

This creative Furrion Elysium recreational car is more than just luxurious. It costs about 3.4 million dollars and comes with a two-person helicopter and landing area!

So, now you can fully understand why we have addressed to rich travelers only! This luxurious goodies also hold an entertaining area, lounge, hot tub, helipad and Robinson R22 helicopter.

It is also fully equipped with everything that the traveler could ever need including TVs, electric fireplace, and also exterior observation cameras for your safety through which you can see if anyone suspicious is trying to approach your vehicle.

That’s not everything, the recreational car also contains a smart toilet, shower, and fully equipped kitchen.

2. Elemment Palazzo Superior

Plein les yeux

This one can cost you about 3 million dollars. It is truly magical and worth every single penny! It actually combines design features from motorsports, aviation, and finally yachting, isn’t it amazing! It also includes a 4-meter couch, a bar, wine cabinet, a bedroom and an icemaker.

In addition to this, it is interesting to note that behind the driver’s seat, there is an automatic lift system that allows the Sky lounge to raise up and create a walled-in roof deck.


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