Baby Names That Parents Regretted The Most

Baby Names That Parents Regretted The Most

Last Updated on July 25, 2019

Have you ever asked your parents about who named you? Or why did they choose for you such a name? Well, I guess we all had that question in our minds. Yet, the most important and difficult task that parents face is choosing a name for their baby which they will use and hear for their entire life, so that is really a big matter!

But frequently, even when parents think they have chosen the ideal name for their Child, the feeling of regret could start after it said or done. A recent study has proved that a 32% of parents had felt regrets within the first six weeks of using the name for their little baby.

Then 21% of those parents claimed that the name just didn’t suit their child or it is too common. The good thing is that the majority of parents surveyed said that they don’t have any intention to change their child’s name legally, so maybe they will find out a way to love it.



Significance: defending man

Rank: 1542 in 2016

This gender neutral name was so popular during the 1990s and it is used for either Alexander or Alexandra. Its origins go back to ancient Greece (Alexander the Great); hence we may assume that it has surely passed the test of time.

But you may be surprised by the fact that many parents regret using such a common nickname.



Significance: Supplanter

Rank: 4 in 2015

Jacob has always been an amazingly popular name in the latest years. It was the most favored name for boys from 1999 to 2012, and till now it is among the top ten most used names. But some parents feel like it is not distinguished enough, even if it is indeed a very charming name!



Significance: Free man

Rank: 9 in 2015

Maybe the birth of Princess Charlotte in 2015 was the main reason that kept this lovely name on many people’s list, and it has been constantly climbing the name charts. So you may be surprised to find it on our list.

Even if Prince William and Kate are enjoying this baby name, it doesn’t deny the fact that many parents surveyed regret the most!



Significance: Work

Rank: 12 in 2015

You may be astonished to find such a cute and sweet name on our list. Even if the name has been used in an increased way in recent years, many parents wish they had not used it for their little girls. However, we still believe that it is a shame not using such a sweet name.



Significance: Grace

Rank: 569 in 2015

Anne remains a very elegant name in a world full of silly celebrity names, no one can deny the classic simplicity of such an easy name which we all noticed how writers and poets were obsessed by such a name.

If parents are really tired of using such a name, we may soon see different forms of the same root such as Annabelle or Annie.



Significance: Pledged to God

Rank: 487 in 2015

Even if you are a strong fan of Disney’s names, you may come to regret the decision of naming Elsa like many parents do. The name was very prominent for women and it reached its highest ranking in the US during 1890-1899.

But nowadays the ranking has decreased a lot, taking into consideration that there are other forms that are still used among parents, such as Elizabeth, Lissa, Elisa, Ellie, and Elyse.



Significance: Peaceful ruler

Rank: 517 in 2015

Frederick is indeed the most unwanted name by many parents, while lots of old fashioned names like Oliver, Wyatt, or even Charles have once again become popular.

Even versions like Freddy, Fred, or Alfred, are not making it a beautiful name for a sweet little baby, that’s why many parents avoid thinking about it from the very beginning.



Significance: God is my judge

Rank: 12 in 2015

Unfortunately, many parents confessed regretting this old Hebrew name despite its cute nicknames such as Danny, or Dan. Actually, it’s been in the best 15 names for boys every year since 1972 and it has really passed the test of time. It’s so hard to understand the reason why parents chose it as a name they regret.



Significance: Priceless one

Rank: 25 in 2015

Cheerfully known as “Tony” Anthony was considered among the most popular and the most used names for decades, but recently it finds its way onto our list of regretted baby names. Perhaps if they realized that the Latin meaning for Anthony is priceless that would change the mind of many parents.

10. JACK


Significance:God is gracious

Rank: 40 in 2015

Regardless of its famous aspect- since there are a lot of famous Jacks we know- many parents surveyed regret naming their baby boys “Jack”. Yet, it was used as a nickname for John, but Jack was a favored name among many people for decades.

Also, it is the top one boy’s name in Scotland and Ireland, which is a good reason for many parents to start avoiding it!


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