8 Garlic Hacks that Everyone Should Know

Last Updated on January 12, 2021

Garlic has been a common seasoning used worldwide in various, surprising ways. It’s an important ingredient almost in every kitchen. Besides the delicious flavor it adds to a variety of dishes, garlic has many health benefits; it’s super low on calories but highly nutritious, plus, it improves cholesterol levels and consequently lowers heart disease risks. And it has been proven to help in the combat of certain diseases such as common colds. 
Because garlic is such an essential ingredient, we decided to fill you in on some of the best garlic tips out there. 
From a DIY garlic press to how to plant garlic, here’s what you should know about this important ingredient.

8. Garlic Sprouts – How can you use them?

In case you didn’t know, garlic sprouts can be eaten instead of thrown away. You can add them to a salad or a steak the same way you would use chives to decorate soups and potatoes.

If you’re still not sure about what to do with garlic sprouts, here’s a delicious omelet recipe using garlic sprouts:
You’ll need 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon of cooking oil, 2 teaspoons of water, some salt, and of course, a handful of chopped garlic sprouts.
Then place the garlic sprouts, eggs, salt, and water in a bowl. With the help of a fork or a wand machine, mix the ingredients until they are combined. 
Heat a frying pan (medium to high heat) with the cooking oil. Then, simply pour the previous mixture onto the pan. Don’t forget to turn it over once the first side starts to gain a brown/goldish color. 

7. How to grow garlic

Do you have a little outdoor garden or somewhere in your house where you could plant stuff? If so, then growing garlic might be a great idea, not just because you’ll have garlic to use whenever you want but also because bugs and insects are repelled by its smell, which means they’ll stay away from your other plants, garden, and possibly your whole house.

All you need to do is plant a garlic sprouting head under the soil’s surface and a garlic plant will grow. 


6. How to grow garlic from a clove

You can also grow garlic from a clove, for that you’ll need:

• 3 Garlic cloves
• 1 x 15cm wide pot
• Soil
First, keep the pointy end of the garlic clove upwards while you push it into the soil (around 2 cm deep) or nearly below the surface. Then, cover the top part with more soil and make sure you leave it somewhere with direct sunlight. 
Remember to leave it like this for at least 2 weeks before you water it. The whole process usually lasts around 7 to 9 months.

5. Making Garlic Easier to Peel – option 1

Fresh garlic is always tastier, but garlic cloves are super annoying to peel off. 

If you’re wondering how to make the cloves easier to peel, the answer is very simple and quick. 
Place the cloves in hot water for two minutes in order for them to soften up before the peeling. Or, put them inside the microwave and heat them for 8 seconds. 

4. Making Garlic Easier to Peel – option 2

Another easy way to get rid of the skins from garlic without a lot of effort is to break the cloves and place them in a mug or bowl, then add another bowl on the top and shake it well. You’ll notice the skins coming off bit by bit, making your job to peel them less difficult. 

3. Bothered by garlic sticking to the knife? Here’s the problem fixer

It can be irritating when you’re trying to cut garlic smoothly but just end up having it stuck to your knife. This happens because garlic possesses a lot of juices that make it stick to the knife. 

The solution to this problem is salt. Salt will help with the absorption of some of the garlic juices making it less sticky. You can also try to add some olive oil to the garlic for smooth cutting.

2. Don’t have a garlic press? It’s OK

A garlic press or garlic crusher is an amazing object that can be used to easily crush garlic cloves with no effort whatsoever. The press forces the garlic to go against a grid containing small holes from where the garlic comes out already cut in bits. 

Owning a garlic press is a smart move, but if you don’t have one there’s no need to run to the store and get it. In fact, you can do the exact same thing using only a fork and a lot of rubbing motions. Think of the fork as a grater, you have to hold the garlic between your work surface and the fork, then rub it while putting a little bit of pressure on it. 

1. Did you accidentally add more garlic than you should?

Even though Garlic has a very nice taste, sometimes we mess up our food by adding too much garlic to it. If this happens to you, simply add a little bit of parsley, which is a flowering plant that possesses the same purpose as lemon zest: it serves as a contrast to other dish flavors. Adding a little bit of parsley to a dish containing too much garlic will neutralize the garlic taste. Add it to the food and simmer it for 10 minutes minimum. 

Who knew there could be so many surprising garlic tips out there? No matter who or how old you are, remember that there’s always space for new ideas. 
Whether you already know these hacks or you’re just hearing them for the first time, we encourage you to share these tips with people you know. Spreading useful information is super important, so do your part! Happy cooking!



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