Drinking Water On Empty Stomach? What Good Does It Bring?

Since you were a kid, you have been taught that water is extremely important for your body. But have you ever took a second, and thought deeply about the benefits of water?

Water is the reason why there is a life on earth and why everything you see is the way you see it today.

In fact, water can turn everything gray to green and anything dead to alive! However, some would still wonder: Are there any disadvantages of drinking water? Well, only if you drink over two gallons, then perhaps…

As far as health is concerned, water is completely harmless and is necessary to keep you hydrated and energized as it is the main source of fuel. But what about drinking water every morning on an empty stomach?

It turned out that one of the greatest ways to get rid of many health issues is drinking water on an empty stomach! So we have collected all of those benefits for you which, by the way, will surprise you!

1. Speeding up metabolism


Have you been struggling with your weight lately? Perhaps you should try drinking water first thing in the morning to increase the metabolic rate of your body by 24%, according to a study published in the Clinical Endocrinology journal.

Once your metabolism is increased, your body will start burning more calories which will lead you to reach the body of your goals sooner. Just add one cup of water on an empty stomach to your routine, and the weight loss process will speed up!

2. Boosting your immunity


It is a necessity to drink water in the morning because it will help the blood to deliver oxygen to all of your organs and muscles. Once they are all at peak performance, your immune system will thrive, helping your body to fight many diseases.

Plus, water is an amazing natural immune system booster and crucial in the production of lymph –The immune system uses them to circulate white blood cells and nutrients.
Basically, it is a beautiful circle that keeps your body strong and healthy!

3. Better bowel movement

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You should never underestimate the benefits of drinking warm water in the morning because it could be your life savior, especially if you are struggling with an unstable bowel movement or dealing with constipation.

Your colon needs something that can flush out the sludge accumulating in it, and what better “thing” to use than water?

You have to take care of your bowels because if they are not cleared out on a daily basis, then you could suffer from toxin retention and colon infections, so drink it up!

4. Clearing toxins and preventing migraines


Every day, toxins find a way to sneak into your body, whether through the food you eat or the air you breathe. Of course, you need to get rid of them, and there is no better way than drinking a lot of water.

For instance, your urine works on clearing toxins from your body, and when you drink a lot of water, your entire body will be detoxified. Oh, and you will never suffer from bloating again!

On the other hand, there are many natural migraine preventions that could help with that annoying ache, but the best of them is water. In fact, one of the causes of migraines is dehydration!

5. Great for weight loss

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Water has no calories, which is perfect because once you add it to your dieting plan, your stomach fat will decrease while your overall health will increase… It seems like the perfect way to lose weight!

Drink water on an empty stomach after you wake up, and you will help achieve the body of your dreams in no time, especially that it will keep you feeling fuller for longer and reduce your cravings for sweets.

Did you know that drinking 500ml of water 30 minutes before eating your meal, 3 times every day for 12 weeks, will actually help you shed 2 kilos of your body weight? …It is true!

6. Improve skin quality


There is no single person who doesn’t want to have glowing, clear skin, but also, no person wants to stop eating junk food, start wear sunscreen or clean their makeup before going to bed…

You can hide all the acne and dark spots with foundation, but what if we told you that it’s possible to get rid of them completely?

Well, first of all, you can’t expect any results if you keep feeding your body toxic foods, and second of all, drink water on an empty stomach and your skin will suddenly blossom!

The more water you drink, the better your bowel movement will become, and that will lead to cleaner skin. If you want fast results, you should drink water before mealtime and whenever you feel like your stomach is empty, but most importantly, don’t forget your morning’s glass of water.

7. Healthy & shiny hair

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Many people are not aware that drinking water in the morning on an empty stomach has a direct impact on your hair’s condition. When you are dehydrated, the roots will be rough, dry, and brittle which is not helpful for the hair to grow healthier, or to grow in the first place!

The water you drink works on transporting the vitamins to your hair follicles all the time, and also, your hair is 1/4th of water. So obviously, regular intake of water enhances and improves the quality of your hair.

You could have been spending a lot of cash on expensive hair products that promise glorious, healthy “Repunzel” hair, when all you needed to do is hydrate your body at the start of your day –It is very simple!


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  1. I take a 16 oz. Vacuum sealed water to bed with me on my bed stand. Sit up and drink some, then after my morning duties, I finish the rest before I ever eat or take my daily vitamins.

    My Mother taught me this as a young girl…I do drink 7-8 glasses of water every day (10-12 oz.). She is 96, and I am 75! I hope to live as long as she is!!

    Thank you for sharing your video, and I will share with my family and friends. Sheila

  2. OH MY!!! I guess I am in real trouble!!! I NEVER drink water, except the water I make my coffee with. But I don’t drink soda’s either. Just coffee and tea, hot or cold. I am realizing now, at my age of 52, and after being diagnosed with MS a few years ago, that I need to take better care of myself. Drinking water is most likely the most important thing I need to do first!!!! Reading through all of your reply’s gives me incentive to do just that. Thank you! 😉

  3. Drinking warm water with some lemon juice in the morning has helped me a lot. Have lost 15lbs and a couple of inches around my waist. I was 170, not I am 155.

  4. I am so grateful for this information. I will start to follow this routine, my aunt always tell me to do this but, never was I strict about it…?

  5. I read an article in the 1980’s about losing 10 lbs. in one month by drinking 8 glasses of water a day. I decided to follow the plan of 2 glasses of water before my morning tea, 2 glasses of water between 8 and 10 AM. 2 glasses of water with lunch. I drank ice tea in the afternoon. I was amazed that I did lose the 10 lbs. by changing nothing else. I also slept better and stopped getting up to use the restroom in the middle of the night.

  6. What? I posted a comment about three minutes ago, but the page immediately registered it was posted 6 hours ago! A cup of water just before a meal makes me feel too full and sloshy to begin eating. Is it just as good to wait a few minutes while the water progresses through the system?

  7. I have heard/read that drinking too much water close to mealtime or during meals can dilute digestive juices and enzymes thereby handicapping good digestion.

  8. In how many months did you lose 100lbs drinking water Andre? I’m going to put drinking 500 ml of water half an hour before a meal to the test, and I’m very interested in how long did it take you to lose the weight.

  9. Now I know why my mother always drank a cup of hot water every morning. I always wondered why she did that. She suffered from chronic constipation so I can assume that was her way of dealing with it. Thank you so much for this information. Now I will go have a glass of water.

    • Thanks 4 the info. I too suffer what your mom has so I’m going to have a mug of hot warer every morning while i make me morning coffee.

  10. Have had it now for almost two years. Although it seems to be not as bad as at the beginning. I too when to a dentist and an oral specialist. There was not a lot they could do for it. I have to avoid spicy foods, all alcohol and anything with peppermint. Does not seem to be a lot of information out there about the syndrome/condition.
    Best of luck.


  11. Thank you for the information.. such a great advice. I don’t know that water in important to your body drinking into empty stomach. Many advantage drinking water into empty stomach. Thank you so much.

  12. you have just caught on to what my grand parents were doing over a hundred years ago. i’m in my mid 70 and have been drinking nothing but water for more than 50 years. i do know that i need at least 5 litres / day depending on weather. some town water have different chemical which make it difficult to swallow

  13. I’m always trying to lose weight but nothing seems to help I have been drinking a lot of water my dad always drank a glass of warm water before his breakfast is this something I should do as well

  14. I too have a dry mouth due to Burning Mouth Syndrome. It is like you stuck your tongue out and someone put a hot burning iron on it, plus I have constant percolating saliva bubbles which start behind my lower front teeth and I’ve been dealing with this for over 6 years now. I’ve been to many different doctors and dentists and none of them had a clue as to what it is and how to help me. Dr. Timen at the Cleveland Clinic treats about 100 patients with this problem, but he said he couldn’t treat me over the phone – I would have to go to Cleveland. And I financially can’t do that. Anyone on here know about Burning Mouth Syndrome? Thanks 11/7/19

    • I don’t know much about it but I have it too,for about 6 months now,asked my Dr. and he says it’s a lack of vitamin B12,so I’m taking it now,think it is helping a little.also put me on pernatal victims.may try this can’t hurt.

  15. When I drink a lot of water for cleansing purposes…my body starts to retain water. Even adding fresh lemon juice to the water doesn’t help.

    • I have fluid retention as well and I find that by drinking 8-8oz glasses of water a day helps, my fluid kept coming back but it would be lease everytime as long as I kept drinking water as well I am on a fluid pill called Furosemide,have lost 5kilos in 8 weeks, I’m happy

  16. Be aware, water is not totally harmless-when drunk in extreme can dilute the levels of essential minerals eg: potassium, sodium, magnesium- all needed in the appropriate levels for the smooth conduction of electricity along our nerve fibres through our muscles, including our hearts. Too much water can cause arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats) &/or dangerous conditions eg: hyponatremia (low sodium levels).

    The saying ‘…too much of a good thing…’ Is relevant here.

  17. There are certain foods that create kidney stones. By avoiding those foods and drinking adequate water, kidney stones can be completely avoided.

  18. Running water through a funnel into a vessel structures it in a way that is more easily absorbed. Saying thank you to the water enlivens the memory. Storing in blue glass is ideal. Water holds memory. Be Kind.

  19. I’ve had 2 kidney surgerys, one was major. Both for kidney stones. I started drinking water all day every day, instead of carbonation. I’m lucky in that I
    love water (cold) because of dry mouth from some of my meds.

  20. Yes, drinking water is good for you. Shock!

    But you fail to explain why (a) it must be in the morning and (b) on an empty stomach

  21. Thank you for sharing this vital information. I plan to start this practice tomorrow morning. I also heard it’s better the water is cold. I’ll share results soon.

    • Sure does!! I did that for 3 months(using fresh squeezed lemons) and lowered my cholesterol enough that I did not have to go on meds

  22. I drink water all day long. But in the morning I but lemon juice in it fresh lemon. Freeze it till its slushy like. I freeze mine the night before and thaw it in the microwave. It’s great!!

  23. I was surprised to read that some of you drink1 liter of water. All at the same time, or slowly every few minutes? I doubt if my stomach could hold a whole liter.

    • I drink, well try to drink a 2 litres water a day thats approximately 8-8ozs water a day, and I try to drink 4 glasses in the morning and the same in the afternoon to evening, I feel my health is better for it as I have had cancer twice and beeten it both times and I do think it’s because of water..

    • Hi Laura,
      Try putting a drop or two of fresh lemon from the bottle or a lemon essential Oil. It will also perk up your mood. 🙂

    • Hot water w/ lemon unlocks active ingredients in the lemon rind to help rid your body of free radicals(cancer causing agents) and aid in digestion of greasy or fatty foods. I usually pour a pint of room temp water and mix 2 servings of the sweetener free Metamucil to avoid sugar and EVEN WORSE, artificial sweeteners. The fiber is great for quick healthy BMs. Keeps your guts feeling good and it’s a great way to drink a bunch of water and get a solid serving of fiber in your body to start the day. Try it! Bet you’ll feel great.
      P.S. lemon juice is just sugar. The stuff you want comes from the rind and the oils in it. Don’t like it hot. Stir it then let it cool as long as you start with hot water it will extract what you need from the lemon.

    • I drink cold I to hate warm water, I don’t think it makes much difference does it, it must get warm when It reaches the stomach.

  24. Water can wash away allergens….oneyear in late winter like the end of february i began to get a head start on spring pollen. i drank a gallon a day (divided up in smaller containers to drink by a certain time of day to get it done) and no allergies. This also works on particulates that we inhale (pollen) that irritates nasal passages and throat

    • Wow, that’s wonderful news
      BrcauseI wondered why I am not getting so much hayfever now, it must be as you say because of the water intake.

  25. I drink 16 glasses of water a day & I agree completely with everything mentioned in this article….I however did not know about the hair although I have noticed the thickness in mine?…thank you for such an insightful article.

    • be aware, sparkling water has been linked to calcium bone loss. It’s better to drink still water (non-carbonated if you can).

  26. He comprobado que el beber agua en las mañanas y durante el día es muy saludable y me siento bien en todo aspecto. Mi cuerpo ha recibido todos los beneficios que ella genera. Es una dicha y un privilegio contar con éste recurso para mi salud.

  27. Tomo agua fría en las mañanas y el resultado es muy favorable a todo mi organismo. Es más, después de hacerlo, a la hora bebo agua tibia con limón. La combinación ideal y en el día también consumo unos 6 ó 7 vasos…y si…me he sentido muy saludable.

  28. Pat, Oh yes it does. Last year I drank so much water that I became entirely weightless here on earth. Think how much I have saved on airline tickets alone, not to mention airport parking.

  29. .45 kilos =1 pound. This tells me I need to drink 500ml of water before each meal 3 times a day for 12 weeks to loose 4 pounds. You can do that in 2 weeks if you watch what you eat. Throw a leisurely walk in there for a little more weight loss. I will not argue the benefits of drinking water as I agree with them but just drinking water isn’t going to make you loose 50 to 100 pounds.

  30. I do believe all of your reported benefits to be accurate. I am disappointed that your video ALWAYS shows someone drinking out of plastic bottles. We need to discourage single use plastics and you appear to be promoting it.

  31. You have right, hello, I’ve tried before one year and I follow this small advice and I get the best target with my health as the benefit you’ve say, but when I stopped after a couple of month I looke lazy and tired almost the time.. so I decide to return to the right way drinking water on estomac empty to the end of my life, hope you do it earlier..

  32. Hello. I’ve been drinking a litre of water after I wake up, I then wait approximately 45min before I have breakfast.
    Through out the day I drink several diluted fruit drinks and the occasional coffee. Has of yet I haven’t noticed any improvement, but I’m having to go to urinate a lot more.
    Can you tell me when the changes will start to show. Cheers Kevin

    • Hi Kevin. I a nutrition student in my last year degree. It is a bit difficult to talk about why you Te not seeing results as yet as I don’t know your drinking and eating patterns. However I can tell you at this point that fruit juice is packed with sugar and even the occasional coffee is highly dehydrating. Huge part of the water you drink us used just to deal with all the sugar and coffee dehydration. If you do drink alcohol bere and there then the problem goes to another level. If there is smoking in the scenario added to what I already mentioned then your body is actually struggling to stay barely hydrated… it is really easy to dehydrate your body: A person with very healthy habits (which excludes all the above) would need 3 litres of water/day to have the benefits of having a hydrated body, then drinking 1 litre in the morning starts making a lot of sense. So I suggest you to have s more holistic view on how and why you drink your water rather than just having a “it’s a good thing to do” approach. Last but not least there are studies that prove that “while mineral water heals, tap water kills”… all the best.

      • It is unnecessary scaremongering to insist that coffee is ” highly dehydrating”. Of course caffeine is a diuretic, but if you are drinking the requisite amount of water, coffee drinking in moderation ( around 4 cups a day) is not a significant factor in dehydration. This is absurdist to suggest, and as a nutrition student, you should know better.

        • .my son was.a heavey coffee drinker which resulted in insomnia he couldn’t leave the stuff alone, he was hooked on it, he now has got down to two coffees in the morning and two litres of water a day and now he is sleeping better

          • Halellujah! Children and young peope are especially bad for not drinking enough water through the day.

        • 4 cups of coffee is not Moderation.
          Pls take your body weight, then take half of that a drink that much water in ounces.
          I am approx 180 lbs and I should drink 90 ozs of water a day (this is hard to do even when I drink water all day, at night, in the am, keeping water by the bed, water with me everywhere I go)
          Pls explain how 4 cups of coffee is moderation. Thank you !!!

  33. When I was growing up we shopped at a small neighborhood grocery store run by an 89 year old man. Got up at 4:00AM milked his cows then went to his store worked till 5:00 then back to his farm work. I asked him how he stayed so healthy. He said he drank a cup of hot water first thing every morning to keep his body in tip-top shape.

  34. Quite ‘nterestng! I take my med w/watr b’fore even eatng anythng. Is that ok? I’m tryng to drink more watr daily.

    • I’m a Holistic Chiropractor, and not an M.D., but I can tell you that it depends on the kind of medication. Meds that can irritate your stomach like; aspirin and Tylenol may irritate your stomach, so they should be taken with food. The food acts as a buffer. Vitamins should also be taken with food, as they are derived from food, and you may get a synergistic effect from the food. this water stuff is fore real. There have been studies on it, and lots of anecdotal evidence. Please read: “Your not Sick, You’re Thirsty” by Batmanjian. It will blow you away, as we say.

  35. I drink 8 ounces of water every morning when I wake up and usually wait about an hour before I eat anything I just started doing this about a month ago and I can’t really tell any difference yet but I am going to keep doing it .

    • Actually Steve, 16 oz is better. Once in the morning, then 16 oz. about 1 &1/2 hours after every meal. (which actually, I just realized, means on an empty stomach.) Lol And you may still drink more than that, during the day. But those 4 times are the most important.

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