Top 10 Things You Should Never (Ever) Do in the Shower!

Last Updated on November 12, 2020

Nobody is going to tell you what are the right ways to shower – each person knows about themselves and how they like to take care of their hygiene. But, we’re going to show you that there are things you probably do in the shower that you avoid at all costs
What are the things you should never do in the shower? That is what we are going to demonstrate to you now by presenting you with the top 10 things you should never (ever) do in the shower. Find out for yourself!

1. Bathing with Hot Water

Why should you not shower with hot water? Bathing in hot water, especially in winter, is one of the most fun activities that a person can do. In fact, there is nothing like getting home after a tiring day of work and taking a very hot and relaxing bath. However, it is one of the things to avoid when showering because it removes the natural oils from your skin, leaving it dry and dehydrated.

That way, you should stop immediately with baths that are too hot. Always use warm water, and you will see that you will be able to be equally relaxed.
-Wash Your Face While Showering?
The answer is no. The chance of washing your face while bathing is huge, and it seems that it makes perfect sense, but the truth is that if you do, you will be damaging the delicacy and health of the skin on your face. The skin on your face is too sensitive and will get dry skin if you wash it in very hot water.

2. Do Not Wash Your Feet While Bathing

Many people think that they do not need to wash their feet while bathing. After all, the water running down does the job, right? Wrong!

One of the best shower tips you should follow is to wash and scrub your feet since they are in permanent contact with various types of dirt, impurities, and bacteria. So, you should take care of the cleanliness and beauty of your feet.


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3. Taking a Shower for a Long Time

Why shouldn’t you shower for too long? It’s simple: Your skin won’t like it and will send you signs of it. You will get reddish, dry skin, and itchy skin. This is your skin to complain about long baths, and you must know how to interpret these signs.

This is the main reason why you shouldn’t shower more than twice a day – and if it’s just a bath, keep in mind that it should not exceed 8 minutes, as this ends up attacking the skin. We all want to get home, take off our clothes and enjoy a long, relaxed, and pleasant bath. But, the beauty and health of the skin prefer quick baths.

4. Using a Shower Scrub in the Bath

One of the things you should never do in the shower is to use a shower scrub – especially if it’s about those quick showers. Most likely, the shower scrub cream will go straight down the drain, and your skin will stay exactly as it is. Also, you will lose a lot of money, as these exfoliating creams are extremely expensive.

One of the best shower hacks that you should put into practice is to put the exfoliating cream on your face 15 minutes before going to the shower. In the meantime, you can listen to your favorite songs, drink a glass of wine and only then take a good shower (with warm water, of course). Your skin will thank you!

5. Are You a Fan of Shower Loofahs? Do Not Overuse Them!

Are you a lover of a good shower loofah? So now know that you should not use it for too long. And this is because this bath accessory is the best place for germs, fungi, and bacteria to live. So, before you have a colony of germs, bacteria, and impurities in your shower loofah, replace it at least once a month. And at the end of a bath, leave it to dry out in the open air.

Keep in mind that this is one of the unhealthy habits that most people do. So avoid it and protect yourself and the beauty of your skin.

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6. Putting Shampoo On With Your Hair Still Dry

Another widespread mistake people make in the shower is when they put shampoo on dry hair. If your hair is not completely wet or if you still have a dry scalp, it is natural that the shampoo does not lather the hair properly and does not produce the desired effect.

7. Washing Your Hair Every Day!

Washing your hair every day is a bad idea. In addition to weakening the strands and ends of the hair, it can dry the scalp and force the body to produce more skin oil than what is normal. This will make your hair more oily and brittle – the natural (and most feared) enemies of hair.

The ideal is that you wash your hair every two days and, preferably, with a shampoo that takes care of your hair roots. Assess your hair type and take care of it according to its needs.

8. Scented Liquid Soaps? No, Thank You!

Many people think that the use of scented liquid soaps is the best option to use while bathing. But, although they smell good, they are not. There are liquid soaps that use chemicals to maintain their fragrances, and these can cause skin infection, among other dermatological problems.

How to prevent skin infections? If your skin is dry, you can use unscented liquid soap to cleanse your body. But you can also – and should – use the famous natural bar soap that won’t irritate your dermis.

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9. Shaving Leg Hair When Doing a Pedicure

When pedicuring, the feet are more exposed, weakened, and susceptible to catching impurities, among other types of bacteria. And, as such, you should not shave your legs that day to avoid unnecessary risks.

Some women like to do the complete treatment so that they no longer need to worry about it and are always beautiful and elegant. However, it is better to be patient than to develop skin problems.

10. Avoid Oily Products

How to shower better? The use of oily products in the shower is a major cause of injury in a bathroom. When the floor becomes more slippery due to the use of oily products, you are more likely to fall and be seriously injured.

Therefore, avoid using oily products in the bath and always opt for more solid products such as soap or shower gels. When using the shampoo, be careful not to get it in your eyes or drop it on the floor.

These are the ten things you should never (ever) do in the shower to keep the beauty and health of your skin intact. Put them into practice now and make your baths safe and even more relaxing.



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