5 Most Ridiculous Divorce Stories In The World

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Let’s get used to it; Marriage is extremely hard. It requires dedication, understanding, commitment, patience, sacrifice, and certainly Love. Being with the right person will make your life good if not great, full of compassion and positive thinking.

But, if it is the wrong partner, then your life will be very stressful and hard. Unsuccessful marriage can have damaging effects on your psychological and physical health according to social psychiatrists.

So, divorce can be the only solution for many logical reasons such as infidelity, alcohol addiction, neglect and the lack of physical intimacy. But, some people actually get divorced for extremely ridiculous and funny reasons.

Can you imagine that your spouse will leave your for serving her an extremely sweet cup of tea?! What about his/ or her nasty odor?

Well, some of these divorce stories are absolutely unbelievable, but they truly did happen. Here are the 5 most ridiculous divorce stories in the world that will shock you.

1. A cup of Mint Tea


It is definitely romantic for all women to have their breakfast in bed, especially if it is made by their husbands. But for this man making breakfast became a curse rather than a blessing. His wife asked for an immediate divorce for a simple reason: a super sweet cup of mint tea!

When he prepared her favorite cup of mint tea, he forgot that she didn’t like sugar. So after tasting it, she went extremely furious, accusing him of not paying attention of what she loves. Eventually, they got divorced.

2. Traveling To Paris


This is for all couples who are intending to get married soon. Try to agree on your honeymoon place before everything else, since it could ruin your whole marriage. An Egyptian woman left her beloved husband for refusing to spend their honeymoon in Paris.

After convincing him that the city of lights is the ideal place for their memorable trip, he refused to go in the last minute, saying that he is having a plane phobia. She didn’t accept that at all and they got divorced after one single day of marriage.


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