7 Worst Dream Killers that You Need to Avoid

Killing your dreams is the easiest way out, but the best things in life aren’t easy to get! Dreams are important and significant in almost everyone’s life. Big dreams motivate you to achieve bigger life goals.

Unfortunately, for most people, dreams are things they plan to do and never end up doing, or things they wished they could’ve done. Since most don’t have enough courage and will to actually pursue them, they find easy ways to kill their dreams.

For instance, you start thinking about a project, and then nothing. Or maybe something did happen, maybe you actually thought deeply about the idea, developed it, and sounded it out with those around you, but then maybe, something else happened, that something was actually nothing.

To make your ideas come true, pursue your dreams, and stop or avoid foolishly killing them … here are the things that you need to avoid.

1. Staying in Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is where your dreams go to die! This is one of the worst dream killers out there. You probably want to do many different things and have much energy for it, but you just can’t or don’t want to leave your comfort zone.

You need to know that the greatest joys of life are often found outside your space of comfort. The fears and doubts that are often rooted in your heart during your time of comfort are actually just weeds soaking up any bits of hope and courage that you may have.

Tend to your spirit’s garden and examine what kind of emotions and thoughts you allow to settle into your soil. Take control of it and plant hope, courage, and the good things that you know will grow powerfully and blossom so beautifully.

Remember that the only way you can make a change and get closer to your goals and dreams is to get out of your comfort zone. Dare, try things, and move forward.

2. Worrying about What Others Say or Think about You


Sometimes, you want to please your parents, friends, neighbors, etc, but it’s a huge trap because you end up worrying about what they’re going to say and think, whether you’re good enough, or fear that they might judge you… Just stop worrying!

I know, it’s dumb to tell someone to stop worrying and expect them to actually stop. It’s not as easy as it sounds, so what you need to do is start focusing on yourself by constantly developing your self-esteem until you’re confident and strong enough to be totally satisfied with whatever you do.

Keep in mind that you only waste time worrying about others while you could use that energy in working on your goals and having a better life. When you are a confident and successful person, everyone will respect and admire you.

Don’t let worrying get you down! It’s all about YOU! It’s your life, your dreams, and it’s up to you to your decisions!


3. Watching too much TV or Spending too much Time on Social Media

Washington Post

The truth is, most of the things that we watch on TV or the things we see or read on social media, such as Facebook, are actually wasting your time. According to studies, an average American watches around 34 hours of TV per week!
(Have a life!)

Well, you could at least cut the time in half, start turning off the TV and do something more interesting instead. The same thing applies for those who spend hours watching and following other people’s lives on Facebook and Instagram.

You should start existing in real life, meeting people physically, visiting new places, reading different books,… Just do what you really want to do and spend only the tiniest bit of your precious time on TV and Internet (unless you have an internet-related job.)

4. Wasting Your Financial Resources

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We all earn money, some of us more than others. In fact, many of our life goals depend on money. For instance, when you want to buy a car or house, go on a vacation, or start a business, you obviously need money to get you started.

If you don’t truly value each and every dollar you earn, you’ll never be able to accomplish your life goals. Try to save a little bit of your little fortune every week or every month, and you’ll soon end up with enough money to do what you want to do.

5. Thinking that You Don’t Deserve it


Many people worry and think that they don’t deserve it, that they’re not worthy of success, wealth, happiness, love, or whatever ‘it’ may be. If that’s you, try to shake away your worries, stand up, go look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I deserve it! I’m worthy!’ You’ll be amazed by the tiny emerging feeling of confidence and pride.

It’s very important to keep yourself motivated and prepared for whatever life may throw at you, be it lemons or glitters. You need to truly believe in all your ideas, everything that you’re doing, and what you can accomplish in the near or far future.

Basically, if you don’t believe in yourself and your dreams, who else will? And how do you expect anyone to? Nobody will be able to give you their entire support if you don’t even trust yourself to achieve what you’re striving for. You are the real source of your own success (or failure.)


6. Not Taking Care of Your Health


To go out there and create the life and results you want, you need to have lots and lots of energy! Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep moving forward, struggle, and fight all the battles, and you’ll probably quit halfway (if you even get that far).

Whenever you’re feeling tired, either emotionally or physically, simply get some rest. If you’re working so hard towards attaining something at the moment, you should try to relax a little bit every now and then. Constant hard work or lack of it is always bad for your health as well as your dreams.

To cut long story short, the more exhausted you get, the less motivated you become. Relax, rest, and treat yourself on a regular basis. Don’t forget to eat healthy, exercise, and stay positive and vibrant so you can go out there as
strong as you ever could be and make those dreams come true.

7. Not Learning and Not Growing


This is probably the most important point. Actually, you’re already reading this because you’re trying to increase your knowledge, which is just fantastic.

Yet, a lot of people think just because they’re going to college, they already know everything and don’t need to search or try to know more. But this is totally wrong.

The more you know, the better you become. Your life is greater when you’re smarter. And if you are not learning, you are dying. As simple as that.



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