Unexpected University Degrees That Will Be Vanished In The Future

Last Updated on July 24, 2019

Have you ever wondered whether robots will change our lives in the future? Well, many scientists would assume this question as a funny one.

Since they are truly changing our lives now in so many ways, and they will take our jobs. Particularly, technology has transformed every detail in our routine, and it will not stop transforming our lives anytime soon.

That’s why; creating an educated workforce that will be able to handle those changes is the main solution, it is really important to choose a university degree which is consistent with the technological revolution and its changing demands. We tend to make for you a list of the main 5 university degrees that will no longer be the consistent ones with the advanced technology.

1. Accounting Degree


It takes real commitment and hard work to become an accountant; you will spend an important amount of time and money taking classes, gaining degrees and looking for a job.

But, you need to know that today; many companies are not in a real need of an accountant since QuickBooks can do it perfectly, also, companies are planning to do all types of taxes online so it can be done easily.

So, the changing future of this career requires more reflection, or you can consider finance as a good alternative where you can be more active in your job.

2. Tourism and Hospitality Degree


Before choosing tourism and hospitality as a career you need to know that most of that industry can simply be replaced by technology, many people tend to go to the easiest and practical option, and the necessity for a travel agent and hotel desk agents is decreasing.

So, if you want a brighter career with too many good options it’s better to avoid choosing tourism and hospitality work sector.

3. Paralegal Degree


The computer can do the majority of paralegal tasks at the present time. The whole process of investigation and filling can simply be done online, and the human touch is not really of a great need.

In other words, law and legislations can be exchanged by technology; hence paralegal studies are the first clear cut to the activity.

4. Broadcast Communications Degree


Communication and media studies are an eternally changing domain. Obviously, radio-television broadcasting is totally not the same 10 years ago; also, the major degrees in broadcast communication are related to outdated technology which is not consistent with the new means of communication and news resources such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other means that have changed our views towards the value of the information itself.

5. Pharmacy Degree


The Pharmacy profession has known a very strong employment crisis, in spite of the fact that it is a science degree that requires a lot of hardworking, technology has occupied it to a great extent. Simply your prescription can be done by a robot, and many drugstores are relying on the automatic pick up.

So the need for a pharmacist is really diminishing. Becoming a doctor is really a good career that could not be replaced by technology so easily.


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