What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality

Last Updated on May 1, 2021

Do you want to look into the depth of someone’s true personality? All you need to do is watch how they sleep. Yes, it might seem a little creepy, but it will definitely tell you many things about that person.

Psychologists, researchers, and sleep scientists have been trying to figure out the meaning behind our sleep patterns, and it turned out that the way we choose to sleep can reveal scary amount about our personalities, maybe even things we didn’t know about ourselves!

When we are awake, we are all aware of the body language and what each movement means, but little did we know, our bodies can reveal what’s hidden within our subconscious minds as well. All you have to do is pay more attention and the truth will easily be revealed…

Are you curious to know more about yourself and others? Then take a look at the meaning of the most common sleeping positions.

1. The fetal position

When you curl your knees toward your chest, tuck yourself into a safe ball, and start to look like a fetus, then you have a hard shell: tough and strong on the outside, but extremely soft and sweet on the inside.

When you meet someone new, you are shy and a little conservative, but you quickly open up and relax.
Moreover, if you tend to nod off in the fetal position, chances are you constantly feeling the need to be understood, protected, and sympathized with.

2. The log

Many people tend to pass out with their arms by their side, which seems like a boring sleeping position to catch some precious Z’s, but does that mean that person is boring too? Well, it actually means the complete opposite.

People who are comfortable in the log position are social butterflies, carefree, friendly, popular, and gullible. In other words, log sleeper is actually how you want all your friends to be.

3. The yearner

Do you tend to stretch your arms in front of you while you sleep on your side? Like you are reaching out for something?

This sleep position means you are an open-minded person, however, you are suspicious and slow when making a decision. But once you decide on something, it is almost impossible to change your mind.

4. The soldier

Same as it sounds, the soldier sleepers pass out on their backs with their arms on the side, and there aren’t much of these people on this planet as the majorities don’t really find this sleeping position to be comfortable.

If this is how you like to sleep, then you are reserved, quiet, and tend to hold yourself and others to strict moral codes and high standards… You are a soldier, indeed!

5. The freefaller

No, that doesn’t mean a person who is constantly falling from their beds! The freefaller is the person who enjoys sleeping on their stomach with their faces turned to the side and arms wrapped up around their pillows.

If you like to sleep in the freefaller position, then you are a rare breed because not many people enjoy this sleeping position. You are sociable and bold on the outside, but can’t really deal with absurd situations and criticism.

6. The starfish

The starfish position is exactly how it sounds: Sprawling out over the entire bed, carefree and comfortable. Many people also refer to this position as the “spread-eagle”, and if you enjoy snoozing out on this position, then you are probably a great friend.

Basically, the starfish position refers to a person who is ready to give a helping hand to anyone in need, and also, you are a good listener. You don’t enjoy being the center of attention, but you would like it from time to time!

7. The stargazer

How cool would it be if we fall asleep as we gaze at the stars? But no, that’s not what this sleep position means. The stargazer position is not very popular, and it is when you sleep on your back with your arms wrapped around your head.

The stargazer position means you can do whatever it takes to help your friends and those you love, they are always your priority. Also, you are very positive, happy, and optimistic about life, making you a great person in general!

8. The pillow hugger

Nothing compares to falling asleep and swimming in the land of dreams as you snuggle up with your soft pillow or a warm blanket, right?

The pillow huggers have similar personality traits as the stargazers: They cherish their loved ones and appreciate the personal bonds in their lives. Basically, those who are dear to them are the most important things in the pillow hugger’s life.

9. The thinker

The thinkers tend to fall asleep exactly like those in the fetal position, but with their hands always resting gently on their chins as if they are thinking. If you find your comfort in the thinker position, then you might be waking up daily with a numb hand, but also, you are an emotional rollercoaster who can quickly swim from one feeling to another, keeping those around you on their toes.

Isn’t that fascinating? Discovering interesting personality traits about yourself and others through sleep positions?

The majority of these results are self-reported, but somehow the comparisons are interestingly accurate. After all, sleeping positions remain an individual thing because you can be all of these sleeping positions or none of them.

As long as you are getting enough sleep, it truly doesn’t matter how you sleep, but we are curious to know about your go-to sleeping position, so let us know in the comments below and tell us if it matches your personality type!


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