10 World’s Most Dangerous Countries, Global Peace Index Reports

Last Updated on September 9, 2019

The majority of travelers if not all of them never take time to learn about their travel destination. Even worse, they totally ignore how to successfully choose one!

These little mistakes can sometimes cost your life and are one of the most common travel mistakes that must be avoided at all costs!

Therefore, apart from booking your flight ticket and confirming your hotel reservation through online booking websites, there are many other important things to do before leaving for vacation.

For instance, considering your own safety is one of the important things you need to do before you fly to your intended destination, especially that some travel destinations pose more risks than others.

And to help you pick the right destination, here is a list of the top 10 most dangerous countries to avoid visiting this year according to the Global Peace Index.

10. Russia


Despite its power and widely acknowledged high development, Russia makes the top 10 list of most dangerous and least peaceful countries in the world and that’s of course for a reason.

In fact, Russia is not listed as dangerous because it is an unsafe travel destination, rather because of its high per-capita rates of weapon exports, involvement in the Syrian war, and the situation in Crimea.

According to the Global Peace Index, Russia is highly militarized, which clearly explains its higher ranking on this list!

9. Democratic Republic Of Congo

According to GPI, the Democratic Republic of Congo is the least peaceful country in its region. It is at very high risk of flooding which may contribute to the emergence of serious future conflicts. And that’s not everything!

The Democratic Republic of the Congo also suffers from so many other issues that threaten the country’s stability and put the lives of civilians and tourists at great risk!

Some of these issues include corruption, civil war, exploitation, and armed rebels. Rising violence in DRC is another factor that leads the country to be among the top 10 most dangerous countries to visit.

Gangs and militia groups interfere with health workers and prevent them from controlling the Ebola outbreak, which has claimed 1,396 lives!

8. Libya

Corporate Dispatch

Libya has been unstable and chaotic since 2011 when Gaddafi was overthrown. The on-going civil war is still continuing for the country’s oil-rich areas. In addition to all this, the rising violence in Libya along with the risk for flooding, making it the 8 most dangerous country in the world.

7. The central African Republic


The central African Republic is one of the richest countries in terms of natural resources yet the poorest country in the world. It suffers from civil war, exploitation, corruption, and many other serious issues that hold the country back.

The clashes in the Central African Republic between Seleka rebels and Anti-Balaka militia members continue to rise, leading the entire country into chaos.

The U.S Consular Affairs, as well as other countries, warn travelers and tourists from including this country in their travel destination list.

6. Somalia

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Somalia is better avoided! Terrorist attacks can take place anytime in Somalia and being there will only put your life at great risk!

The country is a very significant risk for drought, which makes it more prone to suffer from future conflicts. Hence, travelers are all advised to stay clear from visits to this dangerous country.

5. Iraq

Iraq is another dangerous country on this list that travelers are advised to avoid! While the violence was reduced in 2018 after ISIS was officially defeated in 2017, Iraq is still listed among the top most dangerous countries to visit.

According to the Global Peace Index report, the country is still dealing with significant internal and external conflicts. It is also reported that remnants of ISIS still exist in the country despite its official defeat.

4. Yemen


Yemen is considered as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and that’s because it’s still locked in a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The Index report also exposes that half of the population in Yemen is food –insecure while water scarcity is a continuing threat!

3. South Sudan

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This country is currently considered as one of the most dangerous countries in Africa. South Sudan’s civil war conflict has started in December 2013 and continues, leading the country to suffer from instability and insecurity.

The Index Report states that more than 400 000 people are estimated to have been killed in the civil war. The high risk for climate disaster is another factor that contributes to South Sudan’s placement in the GPI.

2. Syria


The Syrian war between the Syrian Armed Forces and Rebel groups is still active. The GPI and other countries advise against all types of travel to this country.

While the Global Peace Index cites ISIS’ defeat in the town of Baghuz earlier this year, this doesn’t change the fact that Syria is still one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

1. Afghanistan

The National

This country was designated by the GPI as the least peaceful country in the world. This country is haunted by terror, war, and horror. The war started in 2001 and continues nowadays causing the death of so many people, including children.

The GPI reports also expose that the country’s military confidence has fallen by more than 31% points since 2013 and Afghan civilians feel 20% less safe and secure in their own country. This explains why Afghanistan is top 1 on this list!

Were you planning to visit any of these travel destinations anytime soon, but now have changed your mind? Let us know in the comments!


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