Effective Electricity Saving Tricks That You Need To Know

Last Updated on July 24, 2019

Electricity is getting more expensive every year, and bills are getting heavier and uglier. We all detest the monthly reminder that takes easily our hard earned dollars just as fast as we get it, and there is no way to escape it.

The good news is that there are several tricks that could reduce electricity consumption and will help you save money. Most of the tricks are simple and they will help the environment.

1. Air Conditioning and Temperature


Wherever you live you will definitely use your air conditioner or heater to be more comfortable in your living environment. These tricks will help you save electricity and gas costs.

First: Open the vents and keep them clean
You might have no idea about the entire airflow system in your home; also you may spend extra money just to create colder or hotter environment when all your requirements were to clean and open vent! So, try to bring a handyman to ensure that all your vents are clean and open.

Second: Check whether your house is getting enough airflow.
It means that you need to check carefully that there is nothing blocking your air conditioner. If you put a bookcase, a big couch or a shelf in the passage of the airflow it can block the operation, so try to use your air and heat conveniently without any issue.

2. Washing Machines


We all agree that to do the laundry is a bit disturbing, especially if it costs you time and money. However, you can change it into a bit interesting task by reducing your next electricity and gas bill.

First: decrease the heat level
Many companies have released a statement that the heat calculates for 90% of the energy usage in washing machines. So it’s better to start washing your clothes on the cold parameter to decrease cost, you may also exclude the dryer since it uses most of the heat, and you can start using the clothesline.

Second: avoid over packing the dryer
If you overpacked the dryer, your clothes may come out not completely dry, and you will have to turn on the dryer again. The best method is to fill up the dryer 70% to provide more space for the clothes to dry properly.

Third: do the Laundry at night
Many procedures are taken to decrease energy consumption during peak times, that’s why electric companies offer discounts for running devices at night, so try to contact your electric company to know if they will give out discounts, and start doing the laundry at night. It really can save you a lot!

3. Dishwashers


The concept of saving money on laundry is the same for both the washing machine and the dishwasher. Try to minimize the heat and avoid overloading and you will notice that your electricity company will grant you a reduced bill for saving energy.

First: minimize the heat
The dishwasher heat is one of the most factors that cost you real money. The reason why many dishwashers use the heated dry system is to stop water spots and stains. So to save money and energy you just need to turn off the heated dry system.

Second: load the dishwasher accurately
Try to stack dishes correctly on the bottom, make sure that all cups are on the top, and all utensils are in their section with the sharp end up. This method will improve proper water flow and therefore save you more money on your energy bill.


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