10 Brilliant Household Uses For Baby Powder

Last Updated on September 5, 2020

Even if you don’t have a baby at home, you should keep some talcum powder in your bathroom cabinets. There are many widely known uses for baby powder, but we can almost bet that there are some amazing life hacks you never even heard of. Fortunately, that’s why we are here: to let you know about all the occasions in which baby powder can be a total lifesaver. So, let’s prepare you with a lot of useful knowledge, shall we?

1. You can use it to replace pet shampoo

It is no secret that baby powder can replace dry shampoo for humans, but did you know that it can be used on your puppy? If you are back home with your furry friend after a long day of fun, but your puppy is stinky, and you aren’t really in the mood to bathe them, you can always use baby powder to neutralize any unpleasant odors. Rub a fair amount of talcum powder on your dog’s fur and let it sit for five minutes, more or less and then rub it off. Your best friend will be looking super fresh and smelling good as well.

2. Say goodbye to unpleasant shoe odors

If you suffer from smelly feet syndrome, let us tell you that you are not alone in this world – a lot of people do too. If you wear closed shoes all day, it’s more than normal that your feet will end up producing a lot more sweat when compared to other parts of your body. The good news is you don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy products to freshen up your shoes because talcum powder will do the trick. Sprinkle a little bit of baby powder inside your shoes and let it sit overnight. Remove the remaining powder in the next morning, before putting the shoes on, and you are ready to start the day with your fresh smelling shoes.

3. Get rid of ant infestations

Ants can be the most annoying plague to show up at your home. They are tiny, so they fit everywhere, and they come in hundreds, so it can be quite hard to deal with them. However, ants are not huge fans of talcum powder, and this can be your salvation. Sprinkle some of this miraculous powder on your floor cracks, around your windows, or even by the door to keep this irritating insect at bay. This is quite the trick when you are having a picnic and don’t know how to get rid of ants – draw a circle around your food using baby powder, and your snacks will remain untouchable.

4. Silence your squeaky floorboards

Only people who have had the poor luck of living in a house with squeaky floorboards can recognize how infuriating it can be. It’s like you are announcing every step you take – you can no longer go out for snacks during the night, and your downstairs neighbors hate your guts. But with a little help from this magic powder, you can solve this issue. All you have to do is spread some talcum powder into the cracks on your floor, and just like that, the squeaky sounds will be muted.

5. Use it as a skin moisturizer

The main use for baby powder is to moisturize the skin on your baby’s little butt, but the truth is that you, as an adult, can use it to moisturize your body as well. It can be quite effective, especially if you use it on your cracked heels after removing all the dead skin. Rubbing some baby powder into your skin areas that feel dry will lead to almost immediate results – your skin will feel good and look good.

6. Leave a fresh smell on your closet

Closets and drawers tend to get a little musty, resulting in an unpleasant smell that doesn’t seem to go away. But the solution is simple, cheap, and effective. Take a tiny jar that you don’t use, put some talcum powder inside, and then leave it inside your closet for a few hours. Because baby powder has the power to absorb the moisture inside your closet, the weird undesirable smell will go away as well.

7. Prevent swollen feet

Being a woman means that you have a million different shoes to choose from, but it also means that you can find yourself feeling rather uncomfortable so that you can rock the streets with your pretty high heels. At the end of the day, your feet might feel sore and swollen, and no one wants that. To prevent this from happening, you can sprinkle some talcum powder on your favorite heels before you wear them. This is also a great way to prevent blisters and skin irritation.

8. Baby powder for eczema

Eczema is a skin condition that affects many people, and during the day, it can become quite itchy and uncomfortable. A great way to deal with this situation is by applying some talcum powder on the affected area. This will soothe the annoying symptoms like itchiness, which will end up preventing that unavoidable scratching that can worsen the condition.

9. Long-lasting lipstick

It can be quite enervating when you are looking all flawless with your makeup, but your lipstick keeps disappearing from your lips. To achieve a perfect lasting look, you should lightly tap a small portion of talcum powder over your lips after applying your lipstick. Press it gently using a tissue, and then apply a secondary coat of lipstick and you are good to go!

10. Freshen up your cat’s litter box

And last but not least, a tip for all cat parents out there: you don’t need to buy overpriced litter to keep your house smelling fresh. Whenever you clean your cat’s litter box, mix a fair amount of baby powder with the litter, and you will notice that all the unwanted smells will vanish. For a dose of extra freshness, keep a jar with some talcum powder right above – you can’t be too safe.


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