10 Life-Saving Hacks You Need To Know

What could be said to be bad about life is that almost everything you want requires bringing your credit cards out of your pockets. The fancier life offers get, the costlier living becomes.

Every now and then you think or be forced to buy something. This way it is hard to accumulate a fortune if you keep giving in all the time to deals, sales, and all other shopping temptations.

But there is a way to avoid all this and save up more money which you often end up spending on services you could do for yourself and on things you can make on your own.

Well, this is a clear reference to life hacks which are indeed life-saving. Thanks to these hacks which are generated by the creative minds of housekeepers will save up your money and time.

Your house cleaning routine would become easier and living style would become smoother. Let us get started with top 10 amazing life hacks.

1. Give your house a fresh scent


Do you really need to spend your money on the best air freshener for home, and spend an entire night sneezing and coughing? No one wants to experience those unbearable symptoms of allergies just because they would love to spray their new air freshener around.

You still can freshen up your house by using a homemade air freshener made of damped cotton ball in vanilla and place it on the external part of a light bulb (but not those halogen bulbs). The bulb’s heat would help the vanilla sweet smell spread over your house.

2. Make your dry beans softer


It has been noticed over the past few years that some people shop their groceries as if there is a hurricane on the way. They end up with overloaded kitchen cabinets and pantries.

Eventually, they throw expired canned foods and spoiled ready-made meals. Beans, for instance, might get drier over time, yet they do not have to be tossed away.

In fact, cooking dried beans and enjoying dried bean recipes will still be possible if the beans are softened a bit.

All you need to enjoy this is baking soda; add a pinch to the soaking water and another to the cooking water. As for how to cook dried beans, just look online, and millions of recipes will be found.


3. Quick way of neutralizing canker sores (read the WARNING)


None of us can stand having a canker sore in the mouth. The same goes for you; you might be familiar with what causes canker sores but not quite sure about how to get rid of canker sores fast and for good.

But some people do advise placing an antacid tablet on the sores in question. This medicine can be either chewed or left to dissolve on its own right.

It also serves as a deterrent of the acids’ and enzymes’ attacks to which your mouth sores’ tissue is subject. The tablet is said to put an end to the pain.

WARNING: do not use the antacid tablets unless and until you ask for a second opinion of a doctor or pharmacist, especially if you have some sort of allergy.

4. Clean your dirty carpet


A part of your weekly or daily cleaning routine involves carpet-cleaning, using the best cleaning supplies. Busy people prefer to rather contact carpet- cleaning services which you do not have to hire.

We know that having kids and pets around makes it even impossible to keep the carpets clean. This would inspire questions on how to clean your carpet. You might clean your carpet successfully, but the stinky odor might keep coming out of it.

In this case, you could use baby powder. Spread the latter on your smelly carpet and let it sit for an entire night. In the morning, you could use the vacuum to get rid of the powder.

5. Say goodbye to fishy odors!

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Sometimes, you might end up calling off all your dinner-cooking plans just because of the fishy odor that will come later out of your kitchen and hands. Likely, the ‘how can I get rid of the fishy odor ?’

question convinces you to order food instead and, therefore, spend more money, which is exactly what you are trying to avoid.

The good news is that you still can cook at home and get rid of smelly, fishy odors which sit on your hands by using baking soda and warm water. Make sure you scrub and rinse your hands properly.

6. Who needs a shaving cream anyway? (Read the WARNING)


Have you just spent a great deal of money on the best shaving cream, yet you are quite disappointed with the results?

Well, sometimes, you do not have to purchase an expensive Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Super Slick shave cream or Nivea Men shaving gel to enjoy a nice shave on your date night.

Both ladies and men can use a hair conditioner in shaving the legs, armpits, and face. It turns out that hair conditioners can take care of the skin and hair according to some users. However….

WARNING: if your skin is too sensitive, gets easily irritated, you have a skin allergy, or the hair conditioner contains toxic components, DO NOT TRY TO USE it as a shaving cream alternative!


7. How to train your little puppy with zero trouble?


Are you the kind of committed dog owner to your puppy’s dog training courses, yet finding trouble in encouraging your puppy to engage more in his dog training?

Sometimes, you might have to force him or, say in softer terms, stimulate his senses by promising to give him a dog treat after completing each running round. You could attach the dog treat to the end of the rope which signifies the end of each running-training round.

This would take the effectiveness of the dog training sessions to the next level.
WARNING: you must not overfeed your puppy; otherwise, you would harm him.

8. Give those tired feet of yours a fresh treatment


After a long, exhausting yet fruitful day at work, you would go home super tired. Your feet would be swollen and tired due to the long hours you spent sitting. You can definitely use a feet massage without going to any spa.

Most of the time, people use essential oils for tired feet, saying that it makes them feel relaxed and even willing to take a nap.

You could do that too by using a rather different tired feet remedy which is soaking your feet in mouthwash that should be preferably sugarless for 10 minutes. The mint can give your feet a nice scent too.

9. Any bizarre portraits made by the crayons of your little angel? Get rid of them now!


Does your kid turn the house walls into painting boards to express his or her baby-thoughts? This means that you got plenty of portraits made by the crayons of your little angel.

Well, this leads us to the big question which is ‘how to remove crayon from walls?’ Despite being difficult, this is not an impossible mission, for super moms can manage to remove crayon from walls effectively with the help of magic shave cream.

You will, of course, need a shaving cream, scrub brush or an old toothbrush. Start by spraying your kid’s crayon-based art pieces with the shaving cream, then keep scrubbing.

10. Take care of your camera under the rain


Are you a professional photographer or someone with a passion for photography? Well, if you are, then you can never miss a good shot even in the harshest weather conditions.

Imagine that it is raining, but there is a gorgeous scene that must be captured with your camera lenses, how would you shield your Nikon and Canon camera from the rain? You would think of using an umbrella, but only if you are accompanied by a pal to hold it for you.

If you are a solo-photographer, you could use a transparent shower cap with a made hole in the middle to get the right view.

We encourage you to share your personal-proven hacks and tips. So do not hesitate to share them in a comment below!



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  1. Or use inexpensive white toothpaste for crayon marks on the walls. It works wonders; I know from experience. It will remove black shoe marks off hard floors, and polish silver. Ketchup is a perfect copper polish; that’s the only reason I buy it, and even then I get the least expensive brand possible.

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