10 of the Best Life Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

Last Updated on April 25, 2020

Save plenty of time and money with these easy life hacks! These amazing tips and tricks will make your daily tasks and obstacles so much easier, be it erasing permanent marker, keeping your car clean, making your house more comfortable, or taking care of your plants effortlessly.

After all, everyone enjoys effortless and affordable options, especially when it comes to improving your home. Check out these effective, yet simple life hacks to use around the house so you can get things done quickly and efficiently. Click on Next to read on. 10. How to make worn shoes look new To make your old sneakers look brand new again, all you need is an old toothbrush and some toothpaste.

If you have white-soled sneakers, it’s best to use non-gel white toothpaste because a colored toothpaste may end up staining your sneakers instead of cleaning them. Apply a small amount of toothpaste to an old toothbrush and rub the dirty spots, then, let it sit for 15 minutes before wiping it off with a wet cloth.

In case it’s not as clean as you want it, repeat the process. Note that the ingredients in toothpaste vary from one brand to another, so as a matter of precaution, you may want to try this trick on a small spot before applying it all over your sneakers.

9. Homemade Pasta Lighter

Many of us love lighting up sweet-smelling candles every evening throughout winter to enjoy a cozier home as well as the extra relaxation that comes with candle lights. Generally, candles are all fun and cozy until they start burning too low, making it very difficult for you to reach the wick.

But since you can’t go through a cold evening without your favorite scent and also without burning your fingers, you should simply turn to one uncooked spaghetti for help. Just light the piece of spaghetti and use it to reach into those deep candles.

8. Sweep Up Glass Safely and Effectively

We’ve all already swept the floor using a regular broom and dustpan only to end up with that stubborn line of dust. It’s the thin line that gets on your nerves because it just refuses to disappear regardless of how many times you sweep. Fortunately, getting rid of this annoying line isn’t as complicated as it seems.

All you need to do is use blue painters tape to stick the front of the dustpan to the floor, sealing the gap between the floor and pan so no residue will be left on the floor. This simple trick is also effective for cleaning up more dangerous items like broken glass. The combination of tape and dustpan will ensure that no sharp and tiny glass shards will be left on the floor.

7. Make Any Regular Rug More Comfortable

If your rug is boring and doesn’t provide you with the comfort you need, you can simply make it feel extra plush and fancy using one simple trick. To turn your regular rug into a comfy one, just add a layer of carpet padding beneath it.

The padding is cheaper than a typical rug pad, plus, it offers similar thickness and comfort. Your feet are certainly going to thank you.

6. Quick Cold Drinks

There’s significant debate concerning whether wrapping a damp paper towel around a warm bottled or canned drink and placing it in the freezer will cool it more quickly than if no paper towel was wrapped around it.

Some people say that this is similar to wrapping a towel around your sweaty body to stop the sweat and help the body cool down fast. This happens because the evaporation of sweat pulls heat away from your body, resulting in a cooling effect.

And that’s very similar to what happens to a canned drink when you wrap it and put it in the freezer. Just try it out for yourself whenever you cannot wait to enjoy a cold drink.

5. Healthy Plant Hydration

If your plants are suffering from rotten roots, it means that water settles at the bottom of the pots, causing rotting. The good news is you can get rid of this issue once and keep your plants healthy with one easy and cheap hack.

All you need to do is cut up a few sponges and place them in the bottom of the pot to help retain moisture and provide some needed air space. Moreover, the sponges will prevent water from leaking out, serving as a little water reserve that keeps the soil moist.

4. DIY Car Mats

Car mats are crucial to keeping your vehicle clean and fresh. One easy trick to keep your car clean effortlessly is to cut scraps of old carpets to fit on your vehicle’s floor as protective mats. You can buy carpet scraps for only a few dollars or even less.

The best part is when your homemade carpet scraps get dirty, you can wash and reuse them or very simply toss them out and make new ones. Make sure not to place these DIY car mats on the driver’s side because it may slip forward while driving. To avoid any risks, the mat should be firmly and securely attached.

3. Remove Permanent Marker from a Dry Erase Board

Many of us have already accidentally used a permanent marker on a whiteboard, and we can all agree that it’s such a hopeless moment once you realize that it’s a permanent marker.

Fortunately, it’s not impossible to remove. All you need to do is use a dry erase marker to write on the permanent marker, then use a regular dry cloth or any eraser you have available to get rid of the permanent mess. This will make your board as clean and empty as new.

2. How to Disinfect Legos Easily

All parents know that kids’ toys, like lego sets, can be a warm home to all sorts of germs. When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting these washable toys properly, no one can do better than a dishwasher, which is quick and efficient. Here’s how to clean legos quickly in a dishwasher:

Start by securing the Legos in a laundry bag, then, run your dishwasher as usual while making sure to take out the legos before the drying cycle. Finally, let the toys air dry. Not only toys, but you can also use this trick to wash sponges, rags, dish brushes, and even seashells.

1. Have Wrinkle-Free Laundry with Zero Effort

To get wrinkles out of your clothes, you don’t have to waste time using an iron or handheld steamer. Instead, you’ll need a damp washcloth and some ice cubes. Just toss them in the dryer along with your wrinkled pieces of clothing.

When the ice starts melting, the water will turn into steam, which will eliminate all wrinkles in less than ten minutes. It should be noted that this genius trick works best for lighter fabrics. Please don’t hesitate to share this article or leave a comment if you have any easy life hacks you’d like to talk about.


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