10 Reasons Why You Need to Use Vinegar to Wash Clothes

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Last Updated on December 25, 2020

Have you ever heard of using vinegar for laundry? Truth is, not many people know about vinegar’s benefits when it comes to washing clothes. Some may even roll their eyes in disbelief and make fun of whoever relies on vinegar for washing their clothes. So, why is vinegar a good ingredient to use on clothes?  First, it’s inexpensive; compared to other clothing softeners on the market, a bottle of vinegar is way cheaper and will give you the same or even better results, oh, and unlike other chemical products, vinegar is an environment-friendly ingredient. But what can vinegar provide?  From brightening your old clothes and killing all odors to softening every fabric, vinegar’s benefits are noticeable just after the first try! Keep reading to know how to use vinegar in laundry!

10. How to whiten clothes with vinegar

The reason why vinegar is capable of whitening clothes has to do with the low acetic acid present in distilled vinegar that won’t harm the fabrics but is enough to dissolve any sort of residues left in the fabric (also known as alkalies).  This means that just by adding a cup of vinegar to your clothes, the result will be clearer and brighter colors since vinegar ends up acting as a whitener.  So how to wash white clothes with vinegar in the washing machine?  Simply add the vinegar to the softener dispenser on your washing machine.  You can also add it manually before the rinse cycle.  For small items with stains, you can add a cup of vinegar to a big water pot and boil it. After, add the items that you wish to clean.  Turn off the heat and let the items soak for a minimum of five hours (or you can leave them overnight).  Keep in mind that this method doesn’t damage 100% cotton fabric material.

9. How to use vinegar in laundry for odor extinction

If you have some weird smelling clothes and wonder how you get rid of mildew odor, you’ve come to the right place.  Distilled white vinegar can have an amazing impact on bad odors that live on clothes.  We all want to wear something that looks and smells fresh and clean.  What you need to do to achieve this is fill up your washer with some hot water and add two cups of vinegar, after this, run a second cycle and add some detergent.  In the end, you’ll get to feel the fresh smell and sensation of your clothes! 


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