10 Smart Things To Do With Hot Glue

Last Updated on December 18, 2020

Photo by Erika Pugliese from Pexels

Hot glue can be a lifesaver when it comes to last-minute arts and crafts – whether it’s a last-minute school project or a Halloween costume that needs to be done in a hurry. Almost every mom owns a hot glue gun because they are wise – they know it can be used on many different materials, and it won’t make as much of a mess as stronger glues. But there are many uses for hot glue, and as you are about to find out, it can be used for many different things and not just for arts and crafts.
Keep reading to find out 11 amazing hot glue hacks!

1. Hanging Things

One of the household uses for hot glue can be hanging things without damaging your wall. Sometimes you will want to hang a festive poster or a collection of seasonal postcards, but you know you won’t want them hanging from your wall forever. So, you need an alternative that will achieve the same result without compromising your wall. Grab a little bit of painter’s tape, tape it on your wall, and then apply a bit of hot glue over the tape and stick whatever you want to it. This way, whenever you want to remove that décor, all you need to do is peel the tape, and your wall will look as good as new.


2. Make Sure Your Carpets And Rugs Don’t Move

Do you have a stubborn floor rug that won’t stay in the same place? Well, hot glue can help you with that. Turn the underside of your rug up, and use your hot glue gun to apply a couple of lines of hot glue to the corners of your carpet or rug; give it some time to dry, and after that, you can put it in its place – you will find out that by adding that extra grip, your rug will stay put.

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3. Improve Your Hangers

Plastic hangers are cheap, practical, and great, but have you ever been in that situation where you hang a blouse, and it slips off right away and ends up on the floor? Relatable, right? Well, you can always get crafty and turn your “normal” hangers into “DIY hangers-that-don’t-let-my-clothes-fall.” Take a generous amount of hot glue and apply it to the top side of your hangers, on both ends, to cover the part of the hanger where the shoulders of your blouse/dress rest. After it dries out, you can hang whatever you want, and there is no chance it will be falling off.

4. Turn A Mason Jar Into A Dish Scrubber

The creative uses for hot glue seem to never end, and this one is pretty cute! Take a small mason jar, a sponge, a lid and a hot glue gun, and get to work. First, you will need to cut the sponge to give it the same shape as the lid. Then, make sure you open a little hole on the lid and proceed to glue the edges of the sponge, using hot glue, to the top of the lid. Use dish soap to fill the mason jar, and then close the jar with your sponge-lid. Easy life hack, right?

5. Keep Your Bath Toys Clean

Kids love to have those small rubber toys to play with while they take a bath, but these toys usually have a tiny hole on the bottom, and through that hole, water gets in and out. If the bathwater gets stuck inside the toys, there is a chance you will start feeling an unpleasant smell, and that mildew will develop. Fortunately, you can use your hot glue gun and close the tiny hole. As long as the toys don’t lose the squeaky sound, it is a great way to maintain hygiene.

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6. Make Sure Your Glasses Don’t Slip

If you wear glasses, you know the endless struggle to keep them in place. You can solve that issue by applying hot glue to the part of the glasses’ arm that rests behind your ear. Just like before, all you need to do is wait for the glue to dry, and your glasses are ready to wear. Also, if you want to get rid of the glue, you can peel it off without damaging your frames.

7. Level Your Frames

Everyone has dealt with a stubborn frame that, no matter how many times you straighten it, won’t stay level. But you can use your hot glue gun and apply a little bit of hot glue to the inferior corners of your frame. The glue will add just enough grip to make sure the frame stays in place, and it will also guarantee that there is no inclination.

8. How To Get Rid Of Pet Hair

Pet hair removal becomes easy if you use rubber gloves, but it can be even more effective if you use your hot glue gun. The simple application of a couple of lines of hot glue to the fingers of the glove, as well as the palm, should be enough to improve the glove’s ability to pick up pet hair.

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9. DIY earring backs

There is nothing more common than losing the back of your earring. If this has happened to you, and you have no time to buy a new back, you can use your hot glue gun to create a last-minute replacement. Apply a tiny dot of glue to a piece of parchment paper and give it some tie to dry. Afterward, peel the little glue dot and use it as a replacement for the back of your earring.

10. Decorative Clings

You can make decorative window clings using hot glue, and it’s super easy. Take a bit of parchment paper, in any shape you like, and then apply hot glue to it and let it dry. You can apply these to your windows or your walls, and you won’t need any extra adhesives. Plus, hot glue clings can also be used to decorate gift wrappings!



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