10 Things You Can Clean Effectively With A Lint Roller

A lint roller is a simple cleaning product that uses adhesive paper and a very clever rolling mechanism to remove lint from clothes. It quickly became trendy among pet owners because it can be used to effectively and effortlessly remove pet hair from clothes and carpets – a great alternative to the vacuum cleaner, which requires more patience is not not as effective.

With a little creativity, it is possible to find more uses for the lint roller. Lint rollers are a vital tool in so many popular cleaning hacks that it is worth devoting an entire article to all its possible uses. The best part is that you can wash it to clean up the dirt and reuse it as soon as it dries! Here are ten things you can clean with a lint roller!

1. Broken glass

When you break a glass beaker (or any other item made of glass for that matter), you end up with shards of glass all over the floor. Some of them are big enough you can pick them up with your hands, but others are so small that you might miss them in case you use a broom to clean up the mess you have made.

These small shards of glass can then become dangerous if you have the habit of walking around the house barefoot. You can use a lint roller to pick up the smallest pieces of glass. Just be very careful not to cut yourself as these are often very sharp. If you have children, the best thing is to use the vacuum cleaner on the entire floor of the room where you broke the glass.


If you usually shave your beard in the sink and trim your body hair in your bathroom, you know perfectly well how difficult it is to clean all the hairs afterward.

People with long hair struggle a lot more with this task because they inevitably fill the bathroom floor with hair every time they shower. A lint roller will quickly pick up all those tiny hairs without any issue.


Cleaning lampshades can be a real struggle, mainly if you use a vacuum cleaner without those special attachable tools. The next time you have to do it, use a lint roller to clean any dirt or dust and make your lampshades look as good as new.

4.Glitter Kids

love using glitter in their crafts. It makes everything more colorful and fun. Those of you who have children know that they are not usually cautious.

So, you’ll most likely get glitter spread all over your living room and have to get the vacuum cleaner at the end of the craftwork session. The lint roller is the perfect tool to pick up every little glitter particle from the table, chair, floor, and clothes. Obviously.


Every woman knows how dirty handbags can get and how difficult it is to clean them properly. It is necessary to remove all the fifty-three objects from the inside and use a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the crumbs and lint accumulated on the bottom.

Or you can use a lint roller. It is so much easier and practical that you can do it more often and keep your handbags clean all the time!

6.Stuffed animals

Most stuffed animals are dirt magnets. And since children take their stuffed animals everywhere, they quickly become filthy and need to be washed very frequently. Lint rollers can quickly wipe away much of this dirtiness and keep the fabric relatively clean.

You can also use it to clean any other toys. However, it is essential to wash your child’s stuffed animals regularly to eliminate all the viruses and bacteria that accumulate in the fabric.

7.Pool table

The fabric of pool tables is very delicate and accumulates a lot of dust and some dirt. Especially if people smoke around it as in most pubs, using a brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean a pool table can be too harsh and damage the texture of the fabric.

There are some dedicated cleaning tools you can use, but in case you don’t have them and you don’t feel like spending money, a lint roller can do the job just fine.


You can use a lint roller to get rid of bugs and spiders without smashing them against the wall and leaving bloodstains that need to be washed.

The adhesive on the lint roller will trap the bug without making a mess, and you can then put it wherever you want: in the garbage can, flush it down the toilet, or give it back to nature.


It is fascinating the kind of stuff we are piling up in our drawers. So, when the time comes to clean them, it can be highly stressful. You have to take the drawer out, remove every item, and use a cloth with a cleaning product to get it properly cleaned.

Then you have to wait until it dries and put everything back on. You can skip this waiting process if you use a lint roller to collect all the dust and debris. A lint roller can help you clean all your furniture. We can even be more daring and say that a lint roller can be used in most house cleaning tasks. Try it for yourself!

10.Clean Hard-To-Reach Spots On Your Car

The great challenge in vacuuming a car is reaching some places like under and between the seats. Unless you have the right tools, this task will take a lot of your time and is the reason why some people prefer taking their cars to a car wash service. A lint roller is a great option that will allow you to reach and clean up effectively, even the most difficult corners.


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