10 Ways to Work from Home Productively and Comfortably!

Last Updated on November 7, 2020

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Are you working from home? Do you find it hard to concentrate, stay productive, or maintain a work-life balance?

Whether you’re a newbie in the world of remote work or have already been there for a while but still struggling, kiss your worries goodbye and follow these simple tips for the best home-office experience.

First of all, you’ll have to be psychologically prepared to embrace some changes regarding your daily routines, habits, and attitude. Then, we’ll help you deal with the most common challenges that come with being a remote employee.

All people who work from home must figure out how to communicate, how to establish boundaries to protect their personal life, where to work, and when to work, among many other things.


For a more productive, organized, and comfortable experience, here are 10 of the best pieces of advice on how to work from home.

10. Just ask for what you need

This mainly concerns employees of an organization or company that supports the remote work setup. If it is the case for you, then you shouldn’t hesitate to request any necessary equipment within the first week of your new work-from-home situation.

It’s crucial to take note of all the tools you’ll need to do your job the right way, be it a printer, office chair, keyboard, software, or even a mouse.

Most employers already have a budget to provide their employees with home office equipment, so make sure to ask about all the details concerning shipment and renewal of such material.

If you’re going to be working for an extended period, then you should be comfortable, and it won’t hurt if you consider investing in a home office desk, chair, or back-supporting cushion in case your employer couldn’t afford it.

9. Stick to specific working hours

The best thing about working from home is that you set your own schedule and control your time however you want, but this could be a double-edged sword if you don’t have a clear plan for when you can start working and when you should stop.

One of the most common challenges remote employees have to deal with is maintaining the perfect life-work balance; that’s why you need to give more time and attention to planning before the work begins.

Also, if you choose to work for a few extra hours, make sure to reward yourself by ordering a delicious meal or getting more sleep the next day. It is is a positive way to help yourself stick to your schedule. And remember, you can always be flexible, but not too flexible!

If you feel like you cannot take full control, try to use a time-tracking app, like RescueTime, to help you stay focused and productive.
Don’t forget to enjoy your breaks!

8. Create your morning routine

It’s not that easy to decide to sit down at your desk and start working at a specific time every day. So a great way to follow a strict schedule and be there at your desk at a particular time in the morning is to create a morning routine, which will smoothly guide you into your home office chair.

Pick two or more things that indicate you’re about to begin working. For instance, you may go for a morning walk, take a shower, have breakfast, and then get started, or you may make coffee, play some music, and get started. Any routine that fits your personality and includes a few steps you’ll be doing every day ould be perfect.

Also, if you’re not a morning person, you can move your routine to any other time of the day.

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7. Create your office space

Try to get creative and set up a dedicated office with privacy and comfort in mind. Having a workspace is crucial, and it doesn’t have to be something fancy or unrealistic. Just do with what you have. If you don’t have a desk, you can use a table you already have at home, then pick a chair, and put them both in a corner or room that’ll be dedicated only for work use.

Avoid working with your laptop on your lap while changing places according to your mood because you’ll eventually end up with a messed up schedule.

6. Stay social

Work from home comes with plenty of loneliness and disconnection, which can be a serious problem for extroverts more than introverts. But no matter what type of personality you have, it’s important to socialize and stay connected to your colleagues through the chat channels that the company is using.

You don’t have to only talk about urgent work-related topics, take some time to get to know each other better, share work from home memes, or even make video calls now and then. Just make sure to get a healthy amount of weekly interaction.

5. Be positive

Being positive or even overly-positive can only be rewarding, especially if you rarely go out or have to deal with tremendous tasks every day. It would help if you also showed a positive attitude when talking to your coworkers or clients so you can keep things running smoothly and avoid misunderstandings.

Whenever you’re overwhelmed or extremely tired, take a break and so something you love or take a nap.

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4. Enjoy the bright side

All people who work from home have a significant number of perks that office workers only dream of, so make sure to enjoy all your perks to the fullest. Being at home the entire day will allow you to play with your pet more, enjoy cooking or baking, finally find time for the gym or for daily walks, or whatever you wished you could do when you were stuck full-time at an office. Just enjoy every day!

3. Take it easy on yourself

Of course, you want to stay disciplined, work hard every day, and get things done. But working at home is entirely different from an office job, so you may find yourself checking social media, answering personal phone calls, or dancing to your favorite song. Whenever you’re distracted, try not to feel guilty or treat yourself harshly. Just stop being distracted and get back to work.

2. Create a night routine to end your day positively

Just like you start your day with a specific routine to begin work, you should also create a night routine that will signal the end of the workday. Be it turning your computer down, doing yoga, walking your dog, or resume your favorite series, marking the end of your working hours will make it easier for your brain to adapt and stay punctual.

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1. Make it personal

This is the most critical step! You should figure out what works for your personality and lifestyle. Just make sure to plan everything so you won’t get carried away by daily tasks until you mess up your sleep and everyday meals. Take a breath, stay focused, and make things work your way.

Please be kind enough to share this article with your coworkers or friends who’ve just started working from home. We’ll also be glad to read your comments and know what you think.



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