12 Natural Ways To Kill Weeds!

Last Updated on March 23, 2021

If you are obsessed with keeping an immaculate garden, you are probably well aware of all the effort it takes as well. Landscaping is not an easy job, and it can take up a fair amount of your time because each plant deserves and needs proper care and attention. One of the biggest plagues that every person with a beautiful garden has to deal with is weeds – those annoying plants that have the audacity to show up around your perfect landscape without being invited to the garden party. And even though there are a lot of chemical weed killers available on stores, this is not the best solution, as the constant use of this type of herbicides can cause your soil to become infertile. But how to remove weeds for lawns without using chemical herbicides? Well, here are 12 natural alternatives you might like to try.

1. Newspaper

We can almost bet that when you think about how to kill weeds naturally, you never even considered that pile of old newspapers you have lying in some forgotten corner of your house. For weeds to grow, they need the same things every other plant needs – nutrients, sunlight, and air. If you can block one of these elements, you can prevent the growth of those unwanted weeds. How? Simple. Pile up ten sheets of newspaper to create a thick layer, and then sprinkle some water over them to keep them on the ground. Besides killing the weeds, the newspaper is also biodegradable, which will eventually nurture the soil as well.

2. Corn Gluten Meal

Corn gluten can be one of the best natural weed killers you can find since it works as a sort of a form of birth control, but for plants. By sprinkling a bit of corn gluten powder over your garden and mixing it, you will be making sure that those annoying weeds won’t be able to germinate. But it would be best if you were careful enough not to sprinkle it on top of your other plants.

3. Vinegar

Vinegar is a must-have in every household, and not just for food, for everything. It can be used for disinfecting, to create your DIY cleaning products and, of course, it can act as a natural remedy against weeds. 5% acetic white vinegar is enough to get the job done, all you have to do is spritz this miraculous substance on your weeds and let the sunlight do the rest – it will dry them out and solve your problem. Avoid doing this when it’s windy because there is a chance that the vinegar will end coming in contact with your other plants, damaging them.


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