12 Of The Most Creative Ways To Use Citrus To Clean Your House!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Citrus fruits are delicious, and they should be part of any diet. Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, or limes are juicy, delicious, and versatile. You can add them to salads; make juices or sauces for dishes. They also have a lot of Vitamin C and Fiber. Plus, they are also low in calories and filled with nutrients.

We all know the advantages of including them in our diets. What about the creative ways to use citrus to better clean the house? What about ways to have your house smell like citrus? We said they were versatile, and here they are to prove it. Here are 12 citrus cleaning hacks you would want to try!

1. All-purpose citrus cleaner


Did you know that all the fruits we mentioned above can make a powerful all-purpose cleaner? That’s right. But why is citrus good for cleaning? All these fruits have citric acid in it — a lot, to be more precise.

Acids are handy when it comes to cleaning, and combined with other compounds they can become even more powerful. A good way to use them is to take advantage of their peels and make a citrus peel cleaner.

Imagine you make juice or lemonade in the summer; instead of throwing peels away, you can use them to make an all-purpose cleaner. Mix the peels with white vinegar and let it rest for a few weeks.

Remember, the longer it sits there, the more powerful it will be. You will have a homemade all-purpose citrus cleaner that costs you virtually nothing; that smells super good and is highly effective. Win-win.

2. Carpet freshener

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Remember when we said that combining citrus with other ingredients can make some powerful cleaner? Here you have a DIY citrus cleaner: mix 3 teaspoons of grated citrus, 2 cups of baking soda, and 1 cup of borax in a bowl.

Stir and let the moisture evaporate. Store it and sprinkle it over your carpets when you’re cleaning them. Let absorb before vacuuming them.


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