13 Best Car Hacks That Will Change Your Life!

Last Updated on March 9, 2020

Many of us spend a lot of time driving but we never really stop to find practical solutions to the tiny little car problems that can be surprisingly annoying, from a frozen lock and stubborn sticker residue to wasting your precious time trying to remember where you parked your car.

Today, we’ve collected some of the best car hacks that will keep your vehicle in great condition as well as make your life much more comfortable.
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13. DIY Car Trash Can

You can simply use a regular plastic cereal container as the perfect trash can for your car. It’s small enough to fit inside the car, plus, its flip-flop opening guarantees that nothing ends up on the floor after a sharp turn while driving.

We all hate when the trash is all over the floor, so just line the plastic cereal container with a plastic grocery bag and your car shall always stay clean.

12. Use a Tennis Ball to Measure Your Garage Parking

It’s usually troublesome to gauge how far you have pulled into your garage. To save yourself the daily trouble, you can simply hang a tennis ball on the ceiling using a string and make sure the ball touches the car’s windshield when you’ve driven far enough into the garage. No more guessing!

11. Install a Parking App to Find Your Car Easily

No one likes to play the game of “where did I park my car,” especially forgetful drivers. Fortunately, many parking apps can help you find your car instantly so you’ll no longer waste time strolling through the parking lot.

Download the best app for you to locate your ride without ever making the slightest effort to remember where you’ve parked it.

10. How to Keep Your Cup Holders Clean

A car cup holder can easily accumulate crumbs, dust, and anything that sticks to the bottom and is annoyingly difficult to clean. Cup holders are probably the trickiest spaces to clean in a car. However, you can keep your car cup holders clean by using paper cupcake liners.

All you need to do is drop a cupcake liner into the bottom of every cup holder and replace it with a new one when it gets dirty. This way, your car cup holders will always remain as good as new.

9. How to De-Ice a Frozen Car Lock

Nothing can be more frustrating than starting your day with a car lock that has frozen shut, but it only takes a very simple trick to de-ice it in seconds.

All you need is a hand sanitizer to save the day! Before you try to slide your car key into the lock, simply cover it with a small amount of that handy cleaner. The hand sanitizer contains alcohol, which melts the ice, thus allowing the key to slide in and turn.

8. How to Keep Your Windshield Wipers Warm

Trying to detach icy wipers from the windshield can waste your time, ruin your mood, and probably make you arrive late to work. Luckily, a pair of socks can help you avoid all this mess.

Just place the socks over the windshield wipers every night to prevent them from getting sticky and frozen. Make sure to keep a pair of socks in your car during winter so you’ll be ready to deal with foul weather.

7. Use Hang Hooks to Keep Your Car Floor Clear

It’s always useful to have extra storage space in your car and hang hooks make the best budget-friendly car organization hacks that help you keep your car organized and your car floor clear. You can easily hang your bags, umbrellas, or other essentials by placing a carabiner on the headrest supports of your car seats. This way, your items won’t only be out of the floor but also within reach.

6. Use Tinted Window Clings to Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

All drivers are familiar with the blinding sun shines that come through the windshield at just the perfect angle so it’s impossible to block them neither by swinging nor tilting car visors.

An easy, yet effective solution is to put a piece of tinted window cling on the particular spot from where the sun hurts your eyes during that uncomfortable time of the day. This is one of the best car hacks ever, even airline pilots do it!

5. How to De-Fog Your Car Headlights

If your headlights have become foggy and yellow, it’s because of the oxidation of their plastic covers. Amazingly, you can simply use some toothpaste to restore them. Rub the toothpaste onto the headlights using an old toothbrush for proper scrubbing, let it dry, then clean off with paper towels while spritzing water.
This car cleaning hack works even better if the toothpaste contains baking soda.

4. Test Your Car Tires with a Penny

If you’re not sure whether it’s time to replace your car tires or not yet, then you need to do a simple penny test.
Place a penny headfirst into the tread groove and watch it closely. If Lincoln’s head is completely visible, it means your car tires need to be replaced as soon as possible. But if only part of the head is covered, you may want to wait a bit more before buying new tires as they still have over 2/32 of an inch of tread depth left.

3. How to Remove Sticker Residue

A parking permit, bumper sticker, or any type of sticker has to be removed at a certain time, but no one likes to deal with the gummy mess it leaves behind.
The best way to remove sticker residue is by placing a piece of wet newspaper on it, let it sit for fifteen minutes, then wipe everything away. The wet newspaper makes the glue soften so you can remove it effortlessly.

2. Use Pool Noodles to Protect Your Car Doors

It can be quite impossible to park your car in a small garage without bumping the fender or worrying about scratching the car doors when you want to get out of your vehicle. Well, pool noodles can help you park without ever worrying about damaging your car. Just cut a couple of pool noodles in half and stick them to the wall as soft bumpers to keep your car safe.

1. How to Keep Rubber Resilient

The weatherstripping around the car doors can stop offering the necessary protection against the elements over time.
To avoid replacing seals and counteract the cracking and drying that occur due to extreme temperatures, you can simply use WD-40 as a monthly rubber lubricant and protector. It’s easy to use, doesn’t cause a mess, and can be found in most auto shops.

These car hacks will help you keep your vehicle in great condition without having to be a professional DIYer. Please don’t hesitate to share this article with fellow car owners or leave a comment if you have other car hacks in mind.


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