5 Insanely Unexpected Alternative Uses for Hair Conditioner

Last Updated on June 6, 2021

Are you curious to find out about the unexpected alternative uses for hair conditioner? You’ve landed on the right page! Today, we will discover together how you can make the most out of that bottle or even bottles of hair conditioners you have in your bathroom! Wait!!! Did you know that your hair conditioner not only can make your hair look shinier and healthier but also your stainless steel appliances? Well, there are many other alternative uses for hair conditioner that will just blow your mind! Without further ado, jump in and discover yourself!

1. Shaving Cream

Do you shave? Well, in that case, you definitely need a shaving cream! Not using one automatically means a recipe for dry skin, razor bumps, itchiness, and other skin issues. So a shaving cream is definitely a MUST! But how about those special days when you are on your vacation only to realize that you didn’t pack one? No worries, you don’t really need to look for a nearby supermarket to get one. Instead, you can use your hair conditioner! Yes, some of the amazing and most surprising alternative uses for hair conditioner is using it like a shaving cream! How to use it? You can just squirt a generous amount into your hand and work it out into your skin. Then, continue with your regular shaving routine! This will leave your skin feeling soft and smelling delightful!

2. Fabric Freshener & Clothes Softener

Want more alternative uses for hair conditioner? You got it, and I believe you’re going to love this one! Want to soften your delicate clothing items, wash them, or just make them smell good? This trick will help. All you have to do is add a squirt of your hair conditioner to a sink of warm water and leave your delicate items on it for some time. No need to tell you! They will smell heavenly and feel so soft. Besides, using your hair conditioner is way more affordable than regular commercial softeners and fabric fresheners, don’t you agree!

3. Stainless Steel Cleaner

Are you sick and tired of working big bucks over stainless steel cleaners? No worries, this shall end with this amazing and super useful hair conditioner hack! Did you know that hair conditioners can be used to give your stainless steel appliances a new life and make them look brand new? The hair conditioner can perfectly remove those fingerprints and smudges on your appliances in NO time!


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