5 Brilliant Orange Peel Uses To Try!

Last Updated on March 19, 2021

Do you have any idea about other orange peel uses apart from making a yummy homemade marmalade? If your answer is a “NO,” then you must be enjoying the fruit and throwing its peels on your waste bin, am I right? Hear me out: those citrusy orange peels can come surprisingly handy and useful in different aspects of your life. For example, some orange peel uses include giving you a white smile, glowing skin, make your house smell amazing, and the list goes on….and on…..But wait!! Go nowhere because today, I will share some amazing and brilliant orange peel uses that will blow your mind! So, go ahead, take your time to eat and enjoy that juicy orange–but before you even think to toss the peels in the trash, STOP and take time to discover some genius orange peel uses that will help you save both money and time. So are you ready to test out these brilliant orange peel uses?

1. DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Spray

Orange peel uses are endless, but this one is definitely a must-try and shouldn’t go unnoticed! And that’s for simple reasons: 1. You will green your cleaning routine.2. You will improve your health. And 3. You will save money and lots of time. You can use orange peels to make an eco-friendly, fresh, natural, and non-toxic DIY cleaner instead of the harmful, store-bought one. How? Easy peasy! Grab a lidded jar, toss in it some orange peels, cover them with vinegar and then let it sit for a couple of weeks in the fridge. Don’t forget to shake it occasionally! Once the natural cleaning solution is ready to use, don’t hesitate to transfer the solution into a spray bottle and start using it around the house. You can use it to clean floors, windows, and other surfaces to reduce mold, get rid of calcium build-up, or simply disinfect the house from lurking germs and bacteria. And voila, your house will smell fresh and stay clean longer!

2. Polish Wood

You must be wondering what other orange peel uses I can benefit from while cleaning the house, right? Well, I’ve got you covered. You can equally use orange peels to polish and brighten dull-looking furniture in your house. I know the struggle…. Whether it’s a wooden piano, desk, bed, or a beautiful wooden piece of furniture, you have to keep it maintained for the piece to look healthy and in good condition. And while doing so is not always easy, I suggest a natural and very affordable option using your orange peels.


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