5 Creative Ways To Hack Your Kitchen Appliances!

Last Updated on December 28, 2020

Ever wondered what you might be doing wrong in your kitchen? If this article caught your attention, then maybe your kitchen items might have been causing some trouble lately, or they’re simply not delivering what you expected. So, is it your fault for buying a bad product? Or are you simply using your kitchen tools the wrong way? Here we’ll talk about 5 ways you’re shortening the life of your kitchen appliances and what you can do to take full advantage of these items.

1. Microwave

When reheating food on your microwave, the shape of the container where your food is can have a big impact on how well your food is reheated. While rectangular shaped containers end up attracting energy and heat to their corners, a round container allows the heat to spread uniformly. This means the right way to microwave your food is by opting for a round container or plate than a square or rectangular one. If you do an experiment where you have the same food in two different shaped containers and heat that same food for the same time, let’s say 2 minutes. You’ll notice that there will be differences in the food temperature, it will often seem heated in the corners, but in the middle, it might be cold! So if your food is not reheating properly, maybe the problem is not the microwave itself. And of course, another way on how to make your kitchen appliances last longer is to be aware of what type of foods you shouldn’t microwave, such as whole eggs, frozen meat, or even red pasta sauce that can explode and leave your microwave looking like a crime scene.

2. Mixer

Is your mixer not mixing at all? Well, sometimes, the beaters can diverge slightly from their desired place. This means the beaters can be scratching the sides, which consequently slows down the mixing process. However, there’s a simple way on how to fix your kitchen mixer by yourself every time you notice a misalignment. All you need is two hands and the mixer’s manual for detailed directions. But if you don’t have the manual with you, simply follow these directions:


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