5 Fascinating Facts And Benefits Of Salt You Should Know

Last Updated on March 23, 2021

benefits of salt
if you’re thinking to omit salt completely from your diet, you should stop and think twice about the benefits of salt ! Salt is not only the most popular ingredient in the kitchen or the only rock humans eat, but it’s much more than all that, and if you thought you could do without it, you were very wrong! While cutting down on salt can help reduce blood pressure, stroke, and coronary heart attack, giving it up completely does more damage than good as salt balances blood and is essential for muscle and nerve function. But the health benefits of salt are not the only thing we’re here for. I’m here to show you five fascinating facts about salt I bet you didn’t know about!

1. Every cell of your body contains salt

If you thought your low-salt diet will make salt disappear from your body, how wrong you were. Salt is present in every cell in our bodies as it is crucial to flushing out toxins.  The adult body contains about 250g of sodium, allowing the transmission of nerve impulses and regulating the electrical charges moving throughout the cells in the body. The kidneys flush out any excess sodium through urine.

2. Salt can get rid of fleas

Salt is a powerful flea repellent. You can easily sprinkle some salt all over your carpet or anywhere around the house to get rid of those annoying fleas and protect your family and pets from them! The salt will attract fleas and dry out their bodies. Don’t forget to vacuum your carpet properly to get rid of these pests in your house completely.

3. Salt was used as money 

Did you know that salt was as valuable as gold in ancient times? Did you know that the word ésalary” is derived from “sal,” which means salt in Latin?  Roman soldiers used to get paid in salt (solarium) and Greek slave traders often traded salt for slaves. Today, salt is still used as money among the nomads of Ethiopia’s Danakil Plains.

4. Salt can get rid of wine stains

So you spilled red wine on your shirt? How to get rid of wine stains? Salt will do a quick fix!


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