5 Safe Ways To Reuse Broken Glass In Your Home

Last Updated on January 19, 2021

Every time a glass bowl falls to the floor, you feel the suspense and hope it doesn’t break. But it almost always breaks down into several small pieces, and you get frustrated. When your house is shared with other people, your concern is even greater, as the shards scattered on the floor can cut someone’s foot. Instead of throwing the glass all away, you can reuse it in different ways inside the house. So you turn a frustrating experience into a new object, and you still fail to misuse glass in the environment. As a last resort, you can also recycle it: recycled glass generates 90% energy savings compared to the production of new glass. Rest assured, all of the following five ways to reuse it are safe!

1. Decoration Of Objects With Glass Mosaic

There are many combinations with broken glass that can be made to decorate objects and form a mosaic. The result is so beautiful that you will almost hope your colored glass cups will break. But to decorate a table cover, for example, you must understand whether the amount of broken glass is sufficient to cover the entire surface. Either way, you will need a file or ordinary sandpaper and special glue for glass. Just collect the broken glass carefully, put it in a jar and its sharp edges, and start gluing.

2. Glass Pen Holder

A broken glass cup can be personalized and transformed into a pen holder. To do this, stick each shard of glass to the glass base, with the help of silicone glue for this type of material. Make a mosaic on your pen holder, fitting each piece in the best possible way. And it’s ready!

3. Glass Light Fixtures

To make a beautiful lamp with the broken glass, you will need the pieces (of course), a glass box without one side, silicone glue, and a small candle. First, wash and dry the broken glass, leaving some stuck together assets and taking care of the chips. If they don’t stick together, stick them on. Pass the glue on the outside of the base of the box and glue the broken glass pieces. Follow the same procedure on the other outer sides of the box. The glue tube must be closed when not in use. Now just put the candle inside the box and light it, voil√†!

4. Glass Vase For Flowers And Plants

If the handle of the cup breaks, do not throw it away: reinvent it and make a vase out of it! Succulent plants are a perfect match for this size, as they are small and will brighten up your home even more. Just don’t forget to make some holes in the bottom (even if you need to break the piece again) so that the water can pass. If you want to add a special touch, you can buy acrylic paint and paint your way. If the part of the cup that broke was its base, it’s even better, because people will not even see the problem and will still consider you a very creative person!

5. Glass Fruit Bowl

Take a colorless glass or plastic bowl that is the size you need. Then, glue the broken glass pieces over the outside of the bowl, leaving it upside down to make it easier. To make the base, sand the shards of glass to avoid sharp points and join them with silicone glue in a cylindrical shape and enough diameter to support the fruits. The base of the broken glass cylinder must be flat to be well supported on surfaces. When both pieces are dry, stick the cylindrical base to the outside of the bowl, leaving it in the center. Now you don’t have to suffer as much when you have a cup turning into broken glass. It no longer goes to waste; you earn a reputation as an artist and decorate your home environments. That’s a great balance, huh?




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