5 Surprising Uses Of Tea Bags You Never Considered!

Last Updated on September 27, 2020

One day, in 2737 B.C, the wind blew leaves from a wild tree into the hot pot of ancient Chinese Emperor Shen Nung, which he drank anyway. It turned out he drank tea, and that is how the magic drink was discovered.

Fast forward 5,000 years later, and you see people throwing tea bags into mugs and teacups and enjoying their instant tea!

But then what do these people do when they finish drinking their tea? Obviously, they throw the used tea bags in the trash.

But you know, you actually never know what things you throw out could actually be useful in the future because tea bags have just proved to be the perfect multitasker for you!

Not only do they allow you to drink tea, but they can also be used for your skin, furniture, floor, carpets, and dispose of bad odor around your house and even footwear!

1. Soothe puffy eye bags!


Tea bags have been effective in getting rid of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

When your eyes are tired and puffy, you can relieve them by doing this:

Steep two tea bags in hot water and leave them for three or five minutes, remove the tea bags and put them in the fridge to cool down for a few minutes before placing them on your puffy eyes.

Leave the tea bags on for 15 or 20 minutes and then remove them and rinse your face. This way, the caffeine content will soothe your eyes and help you look refreshed.

2. Soothe sunburn


To soothe sunburn and blemishes caused by excessive exposure to the sun, you can also use tea bags as a solution, because the tannic acid in green tea helps remove sunburn from the skin and reduce inflammation.

Here is how to use natural skin soothers to soothe your sunburned skin:

Put two used tea bags in a bowl, add up to two tablespoons of raw honey and a dash of lemon juice, and then apply the mix to your skin and wait for 10 minutes before rinsing it off. It will help reduce redness and soothe the burning sensation on your skin.

Avoid using this remedy if you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies.

3. Polish wood floors


Freshly-brewed tea can polish hardwood floors or any wooden surface and make it look as glossy as ever.

Boil tea bags and let them cool, dip a cloth in the tea, wipe it over the wood surface, and wait for it to dry. You can wipe the wooden surface with a clean soft cloth to remove dirt as well as the smell of tea from your furniture or floor.

You can also use old tea bags to smooth away wood scratches by dipping them again in hot water, soaking a cloth or rag in tea and rubbing it on the scratched surface. Scrubbing scratched wooden surfaces directly with tea bags is even handier!

4. Get rid of bad odor

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Placing dried tea bags inside smelly shoes will help absorb any bad odor and deodorize them. You can also rinse your hands with used tea bags, place the tea bags in drawers, little boxes, closets, refrigerator, etc, to get the fresh smell that your nose deserves!

Dried green tea leaves are especially effective when it comes to absorbing bad odors and killing bacteria at the same time since the bad odor in shoes is caused by bacteria living inside your shoes.

5. Clean your carpets


Tea leaves from a tea bag will also refresh your rugs and carpets and deodorize them.

Boil tea bags, let them dry out, sprinkle them on the carpet and let them rest for over 20 minutes. You’ll notice how the tea bags will work their magic as you vacuum the carpets and rugs.

For more effective results, you can add baking soda to the tea to get rid of stains and spots faster, absorb bad odors and make your carpets look newer than ever!

Those were the six handy uses of tea bags. Next time, consider letting that bag of tea live longer!


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