5 Unexpected Uses For Eggs You Need To Try ASAP!

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Last Updated on February 27, 2020

There are many uses for eggs, but what is surprising about this article is that we are not talking about kitchen uses only – we are talking about how to use eggs around the house. We all know what the many benefits of eggs are +– they are filled with protein and nutrients and they can be wonderful for your body, and can even help you with weight loss. So, we won’t keep you waiting anymore – here are 5 household uses for eggs that will amaze you!

1. Eggs are excellent for compost

More and more, we are starting to use our collective conscience to make this world a better place and to save the planet. Having plants is one way to do so, and you can have your little herb garden at home and make sure that things like the core of the apple you just ate or the eggshells of the eggs you just used to make a cake not go to waste.

So, what can you make with eggs besides cake? Compost! Eggs are super rich in calcium, which will be of great help and will make your plants flourish, and you can add the eggshells to your homemade compost. If you want the eggshells to break down faster, crush them before you add them to the mix.

2. You can use eggs as a hair mask

One of the best alternative uses for eggs is to use them as a hair mask. The fact that eggs are packed with protein makes them a great asset when taking care of your hair. The process is super simple – all you need to do is to whisk an egg, and then use the tips of your fingers to run it gently through your hair, and massage it into your scalp.

The distressed and damaged hair will become moisturized by the egg yolk, while the egg whites will clean your hair by pulling the dirt away as it sticks to it. To rinse it out, use lukewarm water.

3. Make an egg face mask

We are well aware of the benefits of eggs for our body when we ingested, and thanks to trick number two we know it can do wonders to our hair, but eggs are so amazing that you can extend their utility all the way to skincare. For dry skin, you should separate the egg and whisk the yolk – apply it to your face and it will work wonderfully as a skin moisturizer.

For people with oily skin, egg whites are the solution – you just need to add a little bit of lemon and honey, and you have an amazing and cheap face scrub. If your skin is normal, use the whole egg, whisk it and apply it for 30 minutes, and rinse it off with warm water afterward. Your skin will look fresh and have a whole new glow to it.

4. Start growing plants in eggshells

This is probably one of the cutest and most creative uses for eggs– using the shells to grow your baby plants. You will need eggshells broken in half, and then you just need to place those halves in a carton, for steadiness.

Fill them with soil and press the seeds inside. The eggshells are packed with nutrients and will help your flowers grow faster and stronger. Once they are about three inches tall, you can transplant them to your garden – but remove them from the eggshells before doing so. Then, smash the shells and repurpose them once again as compost.

5. Edible paint

We know, food coloring already exists, but this is a way of extending that small tube of food coloring that will save you a lot of time. Simply separate the egg white from the yolk and whisk the first one after adding one tablespoon of water and food coloring of your choice.

Then you can use it to paint cakes, pastries or any other food items or edibles that you wish to decorate. This is also an effective way to mix two colors and create a new one.


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