5 Ways To Keep Your Car Clean and Safe From Germs

Last Updated on July 7, 2020

The importance of hygiene has increasingly become a concern lately, and it’s important in every front – not just in ourselves, our homes, and even our smartphones, but also in our cars.

It is important to keep your car clean and disinfected as a means of prevention, but it is also important to know how to perform a deep car cleaning without damaging your car while getting rid of all the germs and bacteria. Keep reading to find out the best car cleaning hacks to help you clean your vehicle properly while keeping it intact!

1. Use the vacuum

How to clean the inside of your car? Well, vacuuming is a good start. Make sure to declutter your car before getting to the vacuuming part, and if some items have been sitting inside your vehicle for a long time, throw them out instead of taking them inside your house, unless it’s something really important.

Then, use the vacuum to get rid of any dirt, debris, and sand. This isn’t something that needs to be done daily, but doing it every once in a while, will prevent the development of germs and bacteria.

2. Clean the surfaces regularly

When cleaning the interior of your car, the most important thing to do is to make sure that all the surfaces that are used regularly are disinfected properly. Which surfaces are we talking about? Well, for starters, the steering wheel, the door handles, the turn signals, as well as all the other buttons, and the seat belts.

But there are other surfaces you should also disinfect, such as the armrests, the whole dashboard, the handlers on your trunk, and the air vents as well. If there are any other surfaces that you and/or your passengers touch frequently, make sure to clean those as well. Nowadays, you must perform this cleaning ritual every single time you use your car.

3. What disinfectants are safe for your car?

The surfaces in your car are not meant to last as long as the surfaces in your home, and that’s why you need to buy special car cleaning products, or at least use substances that are not harmful to the materials used in your vehicle. If the base of your home cleaning products is hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, or bleach, these are too harsh for your car.

However, alcohol-based cleaning products can be used to clean the majority of the elements in your car. You can use them to clean everything that is made of fabric, plastic, fake leather, and even glass. Keep disinfectant wipes at hand to use them when you don’t have time to do a full clean up.

4. Replace the air filters in your cabin

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that you clean your filter every time your car reaches 25,000 miles. But the air filter is responsible for cleaning the air in your vehicle before releasing it again, and if there is a germ accumulation, this can pose a danger to your health. If you drive for long periods, you should switch your ail filter as soon as possible.

5. Take your hygiene into account

Now that you know how to clean your car seats, how to clean your car carpet, how to clean car windows, and how to clean your car in general, there is something else you should take into consideration: your personal hygiene.

Every single time you use your car, you touch its surfaces, and your hands are the biggest vehicle for dirt, germs, and even viruses. Always wash your hands before you get inside your car and keep a dispenser of hand sanitizer in your car so you can disinfect your hands every time you need to stop for gas, for example. Once you get home, wash your hands again.


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