5 Weird Toilet Cleaning Hacks That Will Work Wonders!

Last Updated on January 16, 2021

4. Toilet cleaning hack: Nail polish

Who knew that one day you’d be using your nail polish on the toilet? It might sound weird, but nail polish can work for your toilet seat hardware, fighting rust, and preventing it from happening in the first place! Guess what, too. Coating your toilet seat with nail polish will keep it from shifting around as it will keep the screws tight and make them last longer. You will have not only a strong but rust-free toilet that will always look brand new!

5. Toilet cleaning hack: Hot water

Well, hot water is not exactly “weird,” but it might be something you’re missing out on (which makes it unique and sort of weird on its own!). This step is simple: Heat a pot of water until it reaches boiling point. Let it cool for two minutes. Pour the hot water directly into the toilet boil. That will unclog your toilet if it’s clogged and kill germs. So, you ran out of cleaning products? Those are the solutions/toilet cleaners you can use at home to make your toilet cleaner and stronger! Let us know in the comments section what other weird toilet cleaning hacks you tried on your own toilet!


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