6 Cleaning Hacks To Clean Your Windows Effectively!

Last Updated on March 14, 2021

When it comes to house cleaning, windows tend to be forgotten. Most of the time, this happens because windows are not an item that we usually are in contact with, unlike a kitchen table, or a TV. But windows tend to accumulate a lot of dirt, making them streaky and ugly. This is why we advise you to clean your windows every once in a while. It doesn’t have to be every week, but it could be a great idea to do it every other month, especially after winter and spring when it rains, snows, and the birds come flying and leave unpleasant surprises behind. So, without any further ado, let’s talk about some of these useful hacks that will help you clean your windows in the best way possible!

1. When Should You Clean Your Windows?

You already know you should clean them every other month, but when it’s the best time to actually clean them? When the sun is shining brightly through the window? Probably not since you would have a hard time opening your eyes, and the sun can cause the cleaning products to dry faster and consequently leave streaks on the window. So what about when it’s raining? Well, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to clean them during a rainy day, not because rain serves as washing because that’s not how it works, but because you’d be washing your windows only to watch them get dirty again from the rain, leaves and whatever the rain might bring to your window. We are left with cloudy days, which are the best for cleaning, the drying process is way slower, and you’ll be able to see the window clearly and notice smaller details like small spots or streaks to clean.

2. Which Cleaning Tools Should You Use?

A microfiber cloth will be your best ally when it comes to window cleaning. They don’t absorb lint or debris unlike an old cloth, and the microfiber is a material that lasts way longer and can be washed every single time you use it. You can also use a squeegee, which assures you a streak-free and spotless window clean. If you want to go old-school, you can also grab a newspaper.


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