6 Incredible Alternative Uses Of Mouthwash You Need To Learn Now!

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We have a duty to keep our teeth clean at all times. Whether that involves investing in a good electric toothbrush or trying some charcoal toothpaste for teeth whitening, it does not matter, because teeth cleaning is the most important thing.

One item that we use a lot, in addition to a good toothpaste, to keep teeth clean and healthy is mouthwash.

In this article, however, we are not going to talk to you about the benefits mouthwash has on your teeth or how to properly use mouthwash with your teeth; rather, we are going to dedicate the next few pages to tell you about other mouthwash uses, be it natural mouthwash or fluoride mouthwash that you have probably never heard about.

1. Getting Rid of Dandruff


One of the great things for which you can put all the products of those mouthwash brands to good use is by taking that mouthwash bottle you have lying around and using it to get rid of that dandruff that has been annoying for quite a while now.

All types of mouthwash, be it a mouthwash for dry mouth or alcohol-free mouthwash, contain elements that stop Malassezia, which is responsible for dandruff, from ever-growing on your scalp.

Therefore, if you are suffering from dandruff problems and cannot find a solution, you might want to try mouthwash.


2. Reducing Armpit Odor


Armpit odor is not a very pleasant thing to have, and many people find it hard to get rid of it with the traditional solutions that seem to work just fine for other people.

However, if you are one of those people who are having trouble getting rid of the foul odor of your armpit, don’t worry! We have the solution—mouthwash!

There are very strong and effective substances in mouthwash that do wonders for killing the bacteria that are responsible for generating that foul-smelling odor under the armpit. This is just one of the many ways of how to use mouthwash.

3. Freshening Laundry

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Sometimes, when you pull the clothes out of the washing machine, you notice that they have a weird, kind-of-moldy smell to that, which is never a pleasant thing to small. However, do not worry!

If you have mouthwash lying around in the house, be it regular mouthwash or homemade mouthwash, you can use it to freshen your clothes while they are still being still washed in the washing machine.

This is how to properly use mouthwash to freshen clothes: take some mouthwash that has alcohol in it and add it to the last cycle of the washing machine. Voila!!

4. Cleaning Toilet

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Of course, this particular use of mouthwash had to make it this list. That is right! You can use mouthwash to clean the toilet and make it shine again after using it for a while.

As toilets are susceptible to having a lot of germs in them, mouthwash will help you disinfect yours, allowing you and your children to remain safe from any unnecessary and malicious germs.

How much mouthwash to use? Not much really. Just put half a cup of mouthwash in the toilet bowl and carry on with your regular cleaning routine.


5. Treating Athlete’s Foot


One instance of when to use mouthwash is if you are suffering from athlete’s foot and want to get rid of it because it not a very pleasant thing to walk around with.

Take any mouthwash that contains alcohol—it does not have to be the best mouthwash on the market—dap some cotton with it and use it to clean your foot and disinfect it from the fungal infection that is giving you a hard time.

Of course, you should take measures that will ensure you not getting any instance of athlete’s foot; however, if you do get it, you know how to get rid of it.

6. Keeping Flowers Fresh

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One of the great mouthwash uses is keeping flowers fresh. It sounds unconventional but hear us out! Mouthwash is known to possess great antibacterial properties, which will help your flowers stay healthy and fresh.

In terms of how to use mouthwash to keep flowers fresh, this is how: put some mouthwash into a spray bottle and spray the stems of the flowers with it. You need to do this from time to time, not excessively however, if you want your flowers to stay looking fresh at all times.

Mouthwash has long been associated with brushing teeth, the best toothpaste, and the best toothbrush, but that should not be the norm. As it turns out, there are numerous mouthwash uses and we have just told you about them.

It is nice to know how to brush your teeth and use mouthwash to keep them healthy, but it is also nice to use mouthwash to keep flowers fresh.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below about another use for mouthwash!



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  1. Mouthwash is great for a hair rinse after working outside and sweating. Shampoo, then use small amount of mouthwash, massaging into scalp. Tingly and immediately cooler.

  2. How about bathroom sink drains?
    And there are always those little openings, (holes) in the very front of the sink, if you look down into it. Those get pretty disgusting, and if you can’t figure out where that terrible odor is coming from, there you go. Just be careful not to overload, as the excess will end up on the floor. You an scrub them out with an old, (unusable) toothbrush, but discard right away.

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