6 Natural Secrets to Whiter teeth

whiter teeth

Last Updated on February 21, 2021

Having whiter teeth can still be easy to obtain because neglecting your teeth will eventually lead to yellow and hard-to-remove stains, and the good news is that it happens gradually. You have enough time to save them! Many people don’t know that wasting money and time on teeth whitening products may give temporary results, but the chemicals could lead to permanent damages. The result? Losing your precious smile along with a lot of hard-earned money. Meanwhile, there are other natural alternatives in your home to help you conquer whiter teeth without having to waste anything. P.S: be careful when using these alternatives because using them incorrectly or too much might cause damage.

1. Brush, and brush!

We have to get this out of the way immediately because how do you expect whiter teeth when you are brushing your teeth? The best way to whiten teeth is by brushing them every day to get rid of food residue and bacteria that cause a bad odor in your breath. If you haven’t been brushing your teeth regularly, then you have to start now before moving on to any other step. However, remember to not brush immediately after eating acidic foods or drinks because they lead to erosion. For better results, brush your teeth with tooth-whitening toothpaste. The latter can help remove tough stains from the surface of your teeth.

2. Oil pulling

Indians have a traditional teeth whitening remedy that is believed to not only give you whiter teeth but to improve your overall oral health. It’s called oil pulling. To perform it, you need to squinch oil around your mouth. Oil pulling removes many types of bacteria that cause plaque and yellow stains. Although there is no scientific evidence that supports this technique, those who use it are pleased with the results. Plus, what’s the harm? You can use any oil for oil pulling, but sesame and sunflower oil are the most common. Take one tablespoon, squinch it around your mouth, and finish the process after 15 or 20 minutes.


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