7 Clever Ways To Get Rid Of Dust In Your House!

Last Updated on September 25, 2020

As much as 90% of all the dust in our homes comes from tiny flakes of skin and little fabric fibers that are invisible to our naked eye.

These tiny particles float around until they settle on any surface around your house, making you more prone to suffer from allergic reactions. Why is dusting your house important? Because dust mites are everywhere. So get ready for 7 house cleaning efforts you should make to keep your house dust-free.

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1. Keep your closet organized

You can’t see it, but your closet floor is one of the places where dust accumulates, and every single time you open the door, an invisible dust storm comes running. Now, there are two alternatives – you either try to prevent the fibers on your clothes from shedding, or you keep your closet organized, which will make it easier for you to clean.

Cleaning hacks for your closet: if you have shelves, keep your clothes organized in clear plastic containers; this way, you can see what is inside, and the dust will be kept out.

Whenever you need to wipe the dust on the shelves, all you need to do is take out the boxes and clean the shelves with a microfiber cloth. As for the closet floor, you can vacuum it, which is far more effective than using a dust cleaner or simply sweeping the floor.

2. Change your bedsheets every week

This is pretty common sense, but it is always worth remembering – if you want a dust-free house, you need clean bed sheets at all times. Your bedding is responsible for collecting those skin flakes we mentioned before, and besides that, it will also shed its own fibers.

So, every single time you roll over, there is a huge puff of dust spreading around. Changing your sheets and pillowcases every week will minimize the fall-out.

Every bedding item that doesn’t fit in your washing machine doesn’t need to be washed every week – you can simply take them outside and shake them down.

3. Whenever you clean the house, clean the air

Sometimes working smart is better than working hard, and this is one of those cases. Whenever you vacuum, the dust will be blown away, and it will set on your various house items and surfaces.

To prevent this from happening, you can turn on the fan on your thermostat – the blower inside your furnace will filter the air and it doesn’t need to be heating or cooling down the room to do so. Keep it on for about 15 minutes and don’t forget to turn it off.

4. Pick the right cleaning supplies

The cleaning products you choose to use can make a huge difference in the final result. For example, feather dusters and dry rags spread the dust around surfaces instead of picking all of it up, so stay away from those two dusting tools.

Instead, use a damp rag or a disposable cloth – the electric charge will hold the dust instead of spreading it.

Reserve the use of vacuum attachments to the surfaces you can’t clean with a cloth, like rough surfaces or intricate woodwork, since the vacuum cleaner’s stream can start quite a dust storm.

5. Use the right vacuum cleaner

The suction function of the vacuum is great, but it isn’t enough to completely pull the dust out of a carpet. For that, you need a vacuum cleaner with a powerful agitator (that is the name of the brush responsible for sweeping the rug).

For wooden floors, tiles, or vinyl flooring, a canister vacuum without an agitator would be the wisest choice. But, if you have an agitator, that’s ok, since you can always turn it off.

6. Beat your cushions and your rugs

If there is a place in your home where dust and mites accumulate, that would have to be the carpet. All of its fibers will absorb dust, and every single time you take a step, that dust will start flying around.

It is mandatory that you vacuum at least once a week, but there is something else you should be doing, and that is taking your carpet outside to get some air.

You can drape your carpet over a fence, and you can use a broom to beat it. You can do basically the same to your pillows – just taking them outside and shaking them up can be of great help.

7. Upgrade your furnace filter

How can you say goodbye to dust without cleaning? By putting an end to its mode of transport, which is… the air. If you have a furnace or an air conditioner, you can take advantage of this and use the filter system to filter your air.

This will make a huge difference in how the dust settles. It will not solve your problem 100%, but it will help reduce the build-up, that’s for sure. Be sure to change your dirty filter often, since it can cause damage to your furnace.



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