7 Common Stain Removal Mistakes You Must Avoid

stain removal mistake

Last Updated on February 9, 2021

Based on your reaction, you can either remove the stain effectively or make a stain removal mistake that will make everything worse and probably, ever-lasting. Whether it’s a greasy splotch on your favorite blouse or a red wine stain on your sofa, you must remember not to panic because those are enough to send anyone into a tizzy! As soon as the stain occurs, the first reaction we do is freak out, start rubbing it, and then regret it all because we just made it worse. But so that you know, those aren’t the only mistakes you make when removing a stain.  Keep reading more about the common stain removal mistakes you MUST avoid! 

1. Rinsing with hot water

Although your instincts are telling you to quickly rinse the stain with hot water, you should do your best not to! While some substances can be dissolved with hot water, in some cases, it might permanently set them, especially if they were protein-based, like blood.  To stay on the safe side, avoid this stain removal mistake and always use cold water to remove them. This rule should be taught at a class on how to clean stains, and I sure have failed in it many times. 

2. Rubbing at the stain

The most important stain cleaning hack is to always blot or dab them, especially if they were still fresh. Rubbing a stain will probably make it bigger, so now if that stain wasn’t visible enough, everyone would be pointing at it.  So to avoid this stain removal mistake, avoid rubbing it completely and try to slowly blot or dab it for effective results.

3. Dry the item before the stain is gone

How many times did you throw a stained item in the washing machine as soon as possible to prevent it from setting? That’s a great move and will probably be effective, but if you started drying the items when the stain isn’t completely gone, you are making a big stain removal mistake, which is pretty common!  To avoid this completely, treat the stain first before putting it in the washing machine by using a special stain remover to prevent it from setting forever on your item. 


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