7 Deodorant Hacks You’ll Love To Try

deodorant hacks

Last Updated on March 22, 2021

Deodorant hacks, you said? Yes, you’ve read that right! If you think that deodorant is only made to keep your armpits sweat-free, then you really should discover these amazing deodorant hacks that will really blow your mind! Armpits are indeed the sweatiest places on our bodies, but that’s definitely not the only place that needs to stay dry, fresh, and sweat-free! I mean, have you ever heard of breast sweat? Well, guess what? Your perspiration-stopping stickcan help you get rid of it! And that’s not everything! Here are other places where you can apply deodorant! Jump in to discover more!

1.Your Face

This may sound ridiculous, but trust me, putting a stick of deodorant in your face can help mattify the face, and that’s due to its powdery ingredients. That’s not everything, as applying deodorant to your face can dry out zits and fight acne-causing bacteria. However, make sure you opt for natural deodorants that include mineral salts like crystal. Want more deodorant hacks? You got it!

2. Your Heels

How many times have you splurged on a new pair of shoes and only ended up wearing them once because every time you do, they give you blisters? If you relate, then surely you are wondering about the solution, am I right? Easy peasy! This can be fixed in seconds! Grab that rollerball antiperspirant and rub it around your heels and along the sides of your feet. This will create a layer of lubricant that will eventually stop the friction. Say bye-bye to Band-Aids and wear your newly bought pair of shoes with confidence!

3. Your Bikini Line

More deodorant hacks? Your wish is my command 🙂 This is my favorite, and I’m sure you will just LOVE it, especially that summer is only some months away! Itchy, irritated, and red bumps around your bikini line? Don’t freak out. I can help you get rid of that in no time! The solution is simple, super affordable, and is right in your bathroom now! Yes, applying unscented deodorant to your bikini area can help prevent ingrown hairs as well as razor burn.


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