7 Laundry Tips Everyone Needs To Follow During This Health Crisis!

Last Updated on May 11, 2020

During a health crisis, it is essential that you take care of your health, maintain the hygiene conditions of your home, and, of course, the cleanliness and disinfection of your clothes. How to do laundry safely during quarantine?

This is what we are going to show you next by presenting you with the top 7 amazing laundry tips you need to follow during a health crisis. Interested to find out more, don’t hesitate to read more!

1. Use Appropriate Laundry Detergent

One of the most essential tips you should follow in a health crisis scenario, such as in the case of a viral infection, is to use appropriate laundry detergent. If you or a family member has the flu or is suffering from an infectious disease, it is necessary to use a special detergent such as laundry disinfectants, for example, to prevent contagion through clothes.

Please note that using a normal washing machine detergent may be insufficient to fully disinfect your laundry. And in this situation, it is natural that you have to repeat the washing cycle.

2. Add The Correct Dose of the Detergent

The amount of detergent you put in the washing machine is extremely important, as it will determine the good condition of your clothes. If you do not put laundry detergent in the correct dose, your clothes may become white and difficult to iron. Besides, your washing machine may have a clogged castile soap compartment.

Therefore, you must read the instructions on the labels of cleaning products to know which are the most suitable doses in case of using liquid detergent or other types of pure castile soap.

• What About the Washing Program to be used?

In addition to the dose to be used, you must pay special attention to the washing program. To find out which program to wash and dry laundry, you need to look at the clothing labels, as this is where all the washing information and instructions are located.

There are washing cycles for the most delicate laundry clothes, as well as washing cycles for synthetic and cotton clothes. However, don’t forget the final spin speed, as cotton clothes can be spun up to 600 RPM, but towels and cotton sheets already need to be spun up to 1400 RPM, for example. Consult the manual of your washing machine if you are in doubt when choosing the spin speed.

• Do Not Ignore the Dry Cleaning Instructions

Some extremely delicate items of clothing require dry-cleaning so as not to damage their fibers, such as linen or silk. And this information is found on the label of the respective garment. Therefore, do not ignore the dry cleaning instructions, as this is the best way to protect and care for the garments that require it.

3. Cleaning The Washing Machine

How to sanitize your clothes washer? The washing machine is one of the most used home appliances, and, as such, it needs to be treated well to always be in optimal conditions of use.

Older washing machines use cotton filters, and they need to be cleaned regularly. You can remove and brush them and use the famous dryer balls or wool dryer balls to improve the functioning of your washing machine and dryer.

In the case of the most modern machines, you do not need to remove this type of filter, but you must put the machine to be washed in the automatic cleaning program at least once a month.

Currently, there are cleaning tablets, liquid chlorine, and specific detergents that help you clean your washing machine and prevent it from descaling. Only then will you be able to extend the life of your washing machine.

4. Don’t Forget to Put the Clothes Inside Out!

This is one of the oldest laundry tips that are used to wash clothes. And it is perhaps one of the first pieces of advice that mothers give their children when they start putting their clothes in the washing machine.

Why is this cleaning tip so important? This is one of the best tips to do laundry in quarantine because it is the best way for you to know how to disinfect laundry in the most effective way.

The inside of the clothes, like the pants pockets, the inside of the nightgowns, or the most intimate clothes are the ones that absorb odors and sweats from the skin and, as such, need to be properly disinfected. Besides, it is the best way to protect your dirty laundry clothing fabrics.

5. You Don’t Need To Wash Dirty Clothes Separately

How to wash your clothes during quarantine? You may think that because you are sick, it is necessary to separate your clothes from the clothes of the rest of the family. But you don’t have to, just use a higher temperature setting on your washing machine so that all dirty laundry is completely clean and disinfected.

Be careful to disinfect your laundry basket with appropriate disinfecting products, consider using a bag liner, and make sure your clothes are completely dry before storing them in their cabinets.

6. Separate Clothes By Colors

How to do laundry? Separate the clothes by colors before washing them. Otherwise, you will have all your clothes colored and damaged. For that not to happen, it is necessary to make a washing machine with white clothes; another one of clothes with lighter tones; and, lastly, one with darker tones of clothing.

If you leave a red sock in a washing machine with white pieces, it is natural that all the clothes will turn pink. Hence, make sure to use:

• Use Zippered Laundry Bags

One of the best tips to do laundry in quarantine is using zippered laundry bags. And you can use them in public or domestic washing machines. Thus, the socks are not loose, and you can wash the most delicate clothes such as bras or boxers in a more individualized way.

7. Do Not Put Too Much Laundry Inside The Washing Machine

Always avoid putting too many clothes inside your washing machine so that the clothes have enough space to be adequately and properly washed and rinsed. Do not leave it too full to avoid the risk of having poorly washed parts, but also do not leave it too empty to avoid unnecessary expenditure of energy and cleaning materials.

Extra Tip: Never wear clothes before washing them. First, someone else may have used it so that you can catch other people’s germs and bacteria. And secondly, the colors of the clothes may fade after the first wash, even if you strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

These are the 7 amazing laundry tips you need to follow during a health crisis and must be strictly adhered to so that your clothes are always clean and disinfected. Do not put your health and the well-being of your immediate family members in danger, especially in a crisis or emergency. Take care of the cleaning of your clothes so that it protects you from any viral or bacterial infection.


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