7 Of The Dirtiest Places In Your House You Never Clean

Dirtiest Places In Your House

Last Updated on March 17, 2021

While you are too focused on vacuuming and dusting the furniture, there are some corners that are considered to be the dirtiest places in your house, and somehow, everyone manages to forget them! To be honest, it’s normal for these places to slip your mind since we never really seen anyone adding them to their normal cleaning routine, but the disturbing fact is that they have been gathering more germs by the day (and still are!). So today, I will be sharing the 7 of the dirtiest places in your home that you frequently neglect or overlook, and hopefully, this will be our reminder to ensure these spots are no longer the germs’ favorite areas.

1. Kitchen counters

After returning from the grocery store, you often put those bags on your kitchen counter and get everything to place. You probably then clean your hands and move to the next thing. Well, now think of what those bags were carrying. Yes, now your kitchen counter is the home to all of that! Most kitchen counters are far grimmer than most people think, and that’s why you need to be cleaning them frequently. In fact, you should be disinfecting them, especially after dealing with raw meat packages.

2. Sponges

When you clean your dirty dishes, where does your sponge go? You can imagine how many germs would be living there; in fact, sponges are known to be the prime real estate to bacteria, and that explains why it’s listed with the dirtiest places in your house! It’s a must to clean the sponges, or you will be just transforming more germs into your dishes every time. The best way to clean your sponges is by tossing them in the microwave for 5-10 minutes.

3. Washing machine and dishwasher

Yes, even the machines that clean your items need to be cleaned as well! It’s surprising to consider them as the dirtiest places in your house, but cleaning them helps eliminate detergent residue and grimy buildup. You can clean your major appliances once a month to ensure their hygiene and guarantee they will continue to operate effectively and efficiently.


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