7 Surprising Things You Shouldn’t Have in Your Bedroom!

Last Updated on July 23, 2020

According to a survey, the garage, the bedroom, and the kitchen are the rooms in the house where people tend to accumulate more stuff that shouldn’t be there, which contributes to a general untidiness of the room. Do you have any broken yard tools in your garage that you don’t throw out because you keep telling yourself you are going to fix them someday? Or any super old pans in your kitchen that you never use anymore? And have you ever asked yourself why you keep accumulating useless things that only take up space? Well, the bedroom is also a prime room for accumulators, and that is why keeping it organized can be quite challenging sometimes. Recognizing the things you should never have in your bedroom can be a huge step towards a more organized environment, and some of these things can even influence the quality of your sleep! So check out the following seven things that do not belong in your bedroom (if you want it to be clean and tidy, that is!)

1. Your pet

Of course, this is an individual choice, and if you enjoy sleeping and cuddling your pet, it’s up to you. But from a cleaning point of view, allowing your pet inside your bedroom is to be avoided. Bedroom cleaning is already exhausting enough without having to worry about your pet’s fur clinging to your bedwear, pillows, and carpets. If you have allergies, this can make it even worse. Our advice? Buy a comfortable bed for your dog or cat and keep your bed for yourself.

2. Clear the clutter

If your room is supposed to be a relaxing, serene, and comfortable space, clutter is one of the things you should avoid at all costs. Believe it or not, a cluttered environment can even cause you sleep problems because even if you are not aware of it, your brain will always process the clutter as “work that needs to be done,” which may prevent you from entering a deep state of relaxation.


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