7 Unexpected Uses for Black Pepper You Need to Know!

Black pepper is a widely used spice all over the world, and surprisingly, it can actually do much more than spice up almost any recipe you’d imagine. This tiny spice has amazing health benefits that both ancient and modern people cherish.

Can you imagine that black pepper can help you relieve muscle pain and even heal cuts? Well, that and much more.

Here are 7 of the most amazing health benefits and household uses for black pepper.

7. Keeping colored clothes bright

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It can be quite terrible to witness your favorite bright shirt or dress turning dull. So the next time you’re washing your clothes, make sure to sprinkle one tsp of black pepper over them before starting the wash.

Black pepper prevents clothes’ color bleeding, thus keeping your clothes bright.


6. Muscle soreness relief


To relieve soreness and loosen tense muscles naturally, you can make your own homemade warming oil remedy by mixing black pepper oil and rosemary oil.
Rub this soothing mix on your muscles to make them relax and enjoy soreness-free days.

5. Quit smoking

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Researchers found that inhaling black pepper oil’s aroma can help smokers experience less craving for cigarettes. Moreover, participants experienced a little burning sensation in the throat, which they described being similar to what they feel when smoking.

People who want to quit smoking can try sniffing a drop of black pepper oil on a cotton ball whenever they were craving a cigarette.


4. Toothache relief

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A toothache can keep you awake for days and anyone who already experienced it can tell how terribly painful it can be. Black pepper can help you alleviate this terrible type of pain.

You can put a tiny amount of black pepper on the aching area to get toothache relief. Or gargle with a simple mixture of hot water and two teaspoons of pepper after allowing it to cool.

3. Healing cuts

Black pepper is a wonderful natural remedy to prevent scratches and cuts from bleeding thanks to its ability to make blood coagulate. What’s more interesting is that the antibacterial properties of this spice can help keep infections at bay, thus allowing the cut to heal properly and quickly.

2. Nasal congestion remedy

Black pepper can offer natural nasal congestion relief thanks to some chemicals that irritate nasal membranes, promoting thinner mucus to clear out the sinus.

Create your homemade solution by adding 5 drops of black pepper oil and 2 drops of eucalyptus oil to boiling water. Inhale the mixture’s aroma to relieve nasal congestion and clear out your nasal passages.

1. Repel rodents


To keep annoying rats or other rodents away from your home, sprinkle ground pepper in areas surrounding your house. And if the rats like to gnaw on your wires and cables, you can simply coat them with black pepper oil to drive the rodents away.

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  1. Crushed black pepper is also excellent for deterring cats and dogs from fouling in your garden pots and borders. As the cat digs the pepper aggravates it’s sinuses so they leave before poisoning the soil with their faeces.

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