7 Unexpected Uses For Car Wax You Should Try!

Last Updated on March 16, 2020

There are many things lying around your home that you can use for multiple purposes, but today we bring you the one we bet you have never thought of, and that is car wax. You are going to be surprised by all the wonderful things you can use car wax for – after all, everything can have more than one purpose if you are creative enough, right? Here is a list of 7 alternative uses of car wax!

1. Get Fog-Free Mirrors

You can use car wax to avoid your bathroom mirrors from getting foggy after a hot shower. All you’ve got to do is apply a small amount of car wax to the mirror, and then leave it to dry up for a while. After it has dried, buff it with a dry cloth, and try to use a soft one – your mirror will be fog-free in no time and your bathroom will look spotless again, and we know well enough that no one really likes a foggy mirror.

2. Clean your kitchen appliances

Everyone who owns stainless steel appliances is aware that the stains on that type of surface can be quite a bit stubborn, and if you are wondering about what the uses of car wax are, you should know that kitchen cleaning is one of them. By applying a small amount of car wax to the appliance and leaving it to dry, you can get rid of all the smudges and fingerprints. It can also work amazingly as a water spot remover. Afterward, you just need to rub a soft cloth and your appliances will look as good as new.

3. Use car wax to coat your shovel

If a snowstorm is happening and you need to shovel the snow away, this experience can be quite tiring and frustrating. It gets a little worse when the snow sticks end up freezing in clumps and getting attached to the shovel. The solution is simple – you just need to coat your shovel with car wax before starting that job. The results will be better if you do it with metal shovels, and you simply need to follow the instructions as they come in the package. Car wax is usually applied using a damp cloth, and you can spread a thin layer on the surface you are coating. Then, as mentioned before, let it dry and buff it with a soft cloth, but a dry one this time. This way, your shovel will not only be lubricated, as it will also be clean, and the snow won’t stick.

4. Use it for bathroom cleaning

By using an appropriate store-bought product, you can do a great job removing rust from your faucets and lavatories. But, if after doing so you apply car wax and buff it afterward, the wax will haze. This way, your fixtures will look as good as new. And to scrub, you can use an old toothbrush, so this is a great way to repurpose something that otherwise would be trash.

5. Use it as a lubricator for glue caps and lids

Rubber cement and super glue usually have caps that get easily stuck or glued, and it doesn’t matter if you try to keep them clean, this will happen anyway. If you smear a small coat of car wax or petroleum jelly onto the threads of the lid, you can avoid this. Every time you use the glue, for example, make sure you smear a bit around the thread, and this way the cap won’t cement over time.

6. Restore the shine on your tiles

Car cleaning wax can be quite the miracle when cleaning your bathroom tiles – or any water wall tiles you might have. Take a damp sponge and apply one single tablespoon of car wax to it. Then, simply apply the wax to the tile, starting from the top and going down. Use as much car wax as you need to make sure you cover the tile and then polish them. Tile cleaning was never so easy.

7. Use car wax for stovetop cleaning

This might seem a bit odd, but the truth is that you can extend your car wax tricks to the kitchen department and we promise you, you won’t regret it! But first, you need to keep in mind that car wax is not made with the purpose of cleaning your stove, so after you are done, be sure to scrub your stove very thoroughly and try to avoid leaving any type of residue behind. You can use car wax on a regular gas stove, or even on a glass cooktop – it will make it shiny and it will look as if it just came out from the store.


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