7 Useful Tips For A Safe Spring Cleaning

You can already feel the sun in your skin, the warmer temperatures, and the flowers blooming. In other words, the spring season has arrived. And do you know what this means? It means it’s time for a deep house cleaning!

Even though we tend to clean our houses weekly, there are certain things we don’t clean as often, and most of the time, we’re not cleaning it the best way or even in the healthiest way possible. So, if you are thinking about doing some spring cleaning around your house, make sure you keep reading this article to understand how to do spring cleaning safely for you and your furniture.


1. Start Reading Those Labels

One of our biggest mistakes as humans is to skip the reading part in every possible situation. Instructions? Don’t need it. Terms of agreement? Accept without reading. And labels in products? Well, let’s say you probably cut them right off or throw them in the trash immediately after buying the product.

As a result, you get surprised when your new t-shirt shrinks or your new table is now ruined because you used the wrong product on it. Even though this is a cause of ignoring labels, it’s not even the worst one. The ultimate worst-case scenario when it comes to cleaning products is the toxins in them.

Harsh cleaning chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, and even air fresheners can be dangerous for our health. And if you’re wondering what happens when you mix bleach with ammonia, well, the result can be deadly if you breathe it for a long time.

When buying cleaning products, you should always opt for “green” products that list all their ingredients and are normally safe to use. Products with warnings such as “Danger,” “Warning,” or “Poison” should be dealt with carefully, using gloves and masks. Opening the window is also a great option to avoid breathing toxic smells. And of course, if you have kids, keep these products entirely out of reach.

2. Donating More

Whenever there’s cleaning involved, it’s normal for us to notice some things we don’t need. Usually, these things tend to be clothing items. Donating clothes and slowing down fast fashion by trading or buying vintage clothing is a great way to help the environment and save a lot of money.

You might think buying in the sale season is saving money, but it isn’t. When you buy “cheap” clothes, they will end up in the donating bin in a couple of years, some of them with the price tag still on. But clothes aren’t the only thing you should be donating. From books to medical equipment, everything is welcome where it’s needed.

3. Eliminate Bacteria!

Dusting and vacuuming might be enough for those weekly cleaning sessions, but in reality, this isn’t enough to kill all the micro-germs effectively. For that, you’ll need to do some deeper cleaning.

From steaming your carpets to getting rid of mold growth in the shower area with the help of bleach, there’s no better time to do this type of deep cleaning than during springtime when the weather is not too cold or too warm. The air flows effortlessly, helping and allowing you and the house to breathe a little bit of fresh air.

4. Get Rid Of Infestations

Unfortunately, when the weather gets warmer, the bugs get closer. Mosquitos, ants, wasps, spiders, beetles, and many other insects decide to look for moisture inside our homes. Even though you’re careful with not leaving your windows open at night and use some bug repellent from time to time, these parasites will always keep coming.

The truth is, they get inside your house somehow, we don’t know how but they do. The best thing you can do is use bug spray in the corners of your house before and during the spring season. Do this regularly!

Doing it once or twice a month won’t prevent bugs from entering your home, especially if you live near a park or the suburbs. Try to apply the spray once a day before going for a walk or grocery shopping, so you don’t breathe in the intense smell. Then, clean the area with water and soap. Repeat throughout the spring season.


5. Don’t Move Heavy Furniture By Yourself

Because spring cleaning means deep cleaning, you’ll likely be dragging furniture for a 360-degree cleaning. However, a good way on how to be safe while cleaning is to stop yourself from doing this alone.

You might be able to drag your couch or washing machine out of place to clean the area, but what you don’t feel today, you might feel tomorrow or in a couple of years. And if you feel some pain immediately, then it’s a sign you should stop! An ankle sprain or back problems are very common results of trying to move heavy stuff without any help. So ask for it before you decide to do anything like that!

6. Allergies And More Allergies

For those who are allergic to pollen, the spring season is a nightmare! Nature decides to release these grains into the air during springtime, it is meant to fertilize other plants, but breathing it might cause a severe allergic reaction for the sensitive ones. From sneezing and having a runny nose, itchiness, or a burning feeling on the eyes. These are all symptoms that allergies can trigger.

Even if you’re not allergic to it, you might be to dust mites. These tiny microscopic bugs live in our beds, curtains, mattresses, and carpets. They feed on the skin we shed daily, and even though they’re not able to bite you, they will cause rashes! An excellent way to make your house allergen-free is to buy products that are meant to be allergy-friendly.

Besides that, washing your sheets weekly in hot temperature is a must. When it comes to carpets, it’s best to throw them away because they accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. Items like an electric socket accumulate a lot of dust throughout the years because they’re usually hidden. We don’t see them. Therefore we don’t clean them. So make sure you don’t forget to clean this item with a piece of cloth that’s not too wet to avoid a possible electric shock.

7. Little Things Matter Too

Yes, you vacuumed the entire house, you even did some rooftop cleaning. But what about those small items that are home to all the germs? Things like your phone, garbage bins, grocery bags, the kitchen sponge, and even your wallet are things that you touch a lot, some of them you even travel with, placing them on a lot of surfaces throughout the day.

Not forgetting to clean and properly disinfect these items is key to a cleaner house and a healthier body. Now that you’re aware of some of the best safety tips for spring cleaning, make sure you don’t go too crazy with it. You can clean one area at the time, one day for the kitchen, another for bathroom cleaning, and so on.

Make sure you’re using the right cleaning products and protecting yourself from them as well by using gloves and a mask. Having a clean first aid kit around is also a great idea in case you cut yourself or get a rash. Remember not to be too harsh on yourself. Spring Cleaning takes time, so don’t feel bummed if you can’t clean your full house in a week. Take your time, put on some music, and enjoy yourself!



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