7 Ways To Stop Damaging Your Clothes in the Washing Machine

Last Updated on March 4, 2020

Are you sick and tired of watching your clothes get destroyed one wash after another? Then, congratulations, you’ve come to the right article!

We completely understand the frustration and disappointment you feel when your colorful clothes turn pale, when your favorite fabric begins to fray, or when your clothes start to look terribly worn out.

That’s why we want to help you figure out how to wash clothes without damaging them. One important fact to keep in mind is that your washing machine plays a significant role when it comes to preserving your clothes, so it’s crucial to find out the best ways to prevent fabric damage. Because buying frayed jeans is a completely different story from fraying your jeans by washing and storing them the wrong way.

Find out more about the 7 best laundry tips that will help you stop damaging your clothes in the washing machine and keep them looking great instead.

1. Wash by the type of fabric

Unlike popular belief, sorting your clothes by color before tossing them in the washing machine is not the proper way to boost their lifespan and keep them as good as new. Washing clothes by color is a common mistake that people keep making all over the world.

In fact, the best way to wash your clothes without causing any type of damage is by sorting them by the type of fabric instead of color.

For instance, washing all of your t-shirts together will prevent the damage caused by zippers and buttons beating your shirts’ fabric. Moreover, this will also make the fabric stay stronger longer.

One more thing, never forget to turn your clothes upside down before washing them to preserve their colors.

2. Zip/button up your clothes before washing

If you wash your clothes when they’re unbuttoned or unzipped, the washing machine will not only damage the buttons and zippers but will also ruin the fabric of your clothes. What’s more, unbuttoned and unzipped clothes can damage even the best washing machine.

So, it’s better to spend a few minutes zipping and buttoning your laundry than end up dealing with destroyed clothes and costly repairs.

Zipping and buttoning your clothes will cost you nothing, plus, it will help keep your clothes looking their best over time.

3. Avoid the dryer as much as possible

Although it’s difficult to avoid the dryer, it’s worth considering if you want to prevent your clothes from being damaged.

Actually, when you put your clothes in the dryer, the hot air does not only cause them to shrink, but it also makes the colors fade and causes the fibers to fray at a faster rate.

On the brighter side, air-drying your clothes comes with zero damage as well as it can help your clothes stay as good as new for a long time. Just remember to hang your clothes upside down when air drying. This will protect the colors and promote fabric preservation.

4. Use cold water to wash your clothes

Washing clothes in cold water rather than warm or hot water will prevent damage and keep your clothes looking good. Not only that, but it will also make your electricity bill a little less frightening!

When washed in warm water, wool, cotton, and other natural fabrics tend to shrink. Plus, you should also avoid washing colored clothes in warm or hot water because any fabric that was dyed improperly or using cheap techniques will likely lose most of its color, and you won’t have to clean your washing machine following a color-bleeding.

5. Get some laundry bags

To preserve your underwear, clothes made of silk, and any other delicate clothes, it’s wise to use a laundry bag for delicates when washing them in the washing machine.

Moreover, a laundry bag can be very practical in preventing the tiresome journey of looking for missing socks once the washing cycle is over.

There are plenty of laundry bags to choose from depending on what you want to use them for, plus, they’re widely available both online and at your nearest supermarket.

And if you don’t know what to do with your laundry bags after you’re done using them, you can simply recycle them by turning them into a cleaning cloth, a recycling bin, a laundry basket, and more.

6. Use the right laundry detergent

You may have the best washing machine and act very carefully whenever you’re washing a certain type of fabric, yet still, your clothes would get damaged anyway. This can be both irritating and irrational, but whatever laundry tips or methods you use to protect your clothes from wearing out quickly will definitely stop offering you the results you want if you don’t use the right detergent.

Next time you’re buying laundry detergent, take your time to choose wisely. Your clothes will certainly thank you for it.

7. Read labels before washing your clothes

Although labels are very important, many people fail to pay attention to them unless they’re insanely itchy. If you want to protect your clothes, you must always read the labels on them before washing them in the washing machine. Remember that manufacturers know best and you only need to follow their instructions to keep your clothes looking their best.


While focusing on washing your clothes the right way, don’t forget to clean your washing machine as often as necessary. If your washing machine is left to collect dirt, your clothes would stop coming out as clean as you want them.

It’s recommended to clean the washing machine once every month. To do so, you can use ¾ cup of vinegar. Pour it in the machine’s detergent dispenser and run an empty cycle at a high temperature. This will eradicate bacteria and make any remaining residue dissolve immediately.

Please be kind enough to share this article with the people whom you know would be interested, and feel free to leave a comment if you have any other laundry tips you’d like to share.


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