8 Amazing Peanut Butter Hacks You Should Try!

Last Updated on May 27, 2020

Peanut butter…such a healthy and yummy food, you can eat it from the jar, make a sandwich, or spread it on toasted bread, are you hungry yet? Well, what if I told you that peanut butter could have many other great benefits in your life?

There are a lot of great things to do with peanut butter, even though eating it might be the best one! There’s also a very long list of peanut butter life hacks that you can use in your daily life while doing ordinary activities.

These hacks are things you wouldn’t even imagine that could work! So if you’re curious and wondering what to do with peanut butter, keep reading to be mind-blown! Without any further ado, here’s a list of top 8 alternative uses of peanut butter!

1. Leather Cleaner

Some of us enjoy a nice leather couch, cool in summer, and cozy in winter. Even if we have kids or pets that could ruin our leather sofa, we still get them and think, “I’ll just be more careful.” As someone who owns a cat, I can tell you that my leather couch has suffered a lot, and sometimes specific leather cleaning products don’t work at all. So, let’s imagine your kid spilled something on your couch, or your dog decided to pee on it.

How to clean leather without cleaning products? The answer is peanut butter. Why? Well, it’s natural oils work great dissolving the dirty spot as well, making your leather super shiny and new-looking. Just don’t forget to use the creamy version of peanut butter. Not the chunky one!

2. Bug Repellent

Ok, maybe you’re thinking how peanut butter can be a repellent since it’s so freaking good? Well, it’s not just peanut butter you’ll need, and it’s specially made to work as a repellent for ants.

It’s a special mixture containing two teaspoons of peanut butter, ½ baking soda teaspoons, and one final teaspoon with borax. You should put this mixture where you see them the most, near the doors or house corners. Just be careful not to let your pets near the divisions you’re putting this repellent on, dogs and cats especially smell and lick everything, so it’s best to keep them away.

3. Lubricant

When in need of a lubricant, peanut butter, and its natural oils might do the trick. Let’s say you’re trying to make your door hinges work smoothly. Just apply this substance to them and clean it after (you don’t need to leave it there because you’ll probably get sick of the strong smell). Squeaky doors can be super annoying, so make sure you try this hack!

4. Bird Feeder

Peanut butter makes a great DIY bird feeder. If you have kids, I’m sure they’ll love to do this themselves (with adult supervision of course), so they don’t get themselves and the kitchen counter all dirty.

You just need some pine cones that you can find outside your house or at the nearest park, and the next step is to cover them with some peanut butter. Once they’re fully covered, roll them in birdseed (you can buy it on the nearest grocery store). Final step: hang them outside on a tree or other high place. Watch how quickly the birds approach!

5. Eliminate Odors

The first thing we think of when the goal is to get rid of a strong and not necessarily good smell is to grab an air freshener or a perfume and spray it around the house. Well, what if there was a better, natural solution?

That’s right, peanut butter works as an odor eliminator. But how? Since peanut butter isn’t liquid, you just have to heat it a bit in a pan and let it be for a minute. You’ll immediately feel the smell of peanut butter!

6. No More Stickiness!

How many times did you spread glue or nail polish on furniture and had to grab some alcohol and deal with its toxic smell while you try to clean this sticky mess? Yes, it happens a lot, especially if you have kids that like to experiment with manual arts and use the whole glue tube on your dinner table!

Alcohol has a super toxic smell, and you shouldn’t breathe it for more time than necessary. Fortunately, thanks to peanut butter, natural oils help cleaning sticky products or sticky residuals. All you need is peanut butter and a cloth!

7. Scratch Repair

If you own a cat, you’re probably used to scratched furniture, closet, tables, beds, doors…the list is infinite. Before you ask, no, unfortunately, peanut butter won’t magically fix these scratches, but it will help to make them less noticeable!

All you have to do is apply it to the scratch areas and let it sit for at least one hour, and then clean it. Try to take pictures of the before and after to see how it improved your furniture!

8. Windshield Cleaner

Yes, this last one may seem hard to believe and look super messy, but don’t worry, you shouldn’t apply large quantities to your window. Let’s say you have this weird dirty spot on your window that just doesn’t come off, try to rub some peanut butter on this particular spot, and wait about 10 to 15 minutes, afterward wash it with a hose or a wet cloth. Did it work?

If so, no more spending money on window cleaning products! Now that you are aware of all these peanut butter benefits keep in mind that sometimes we can be too quick to judge things for its unconventional use.

However, that doesn’t mean it won’t work! After all, why should you spend money on cleaning products and chemical repellents when you have a healthier and more natural option? Have an open mind, and try it! You won’t regret it, even if you’re not a fan of peanut butter as a food, maybe you’ll be a fan of it’s cleaning skills and so on. Don’t forget to share all of these peanut butter uses with your friends and family and see how they react!


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