8 best toilet paper alternatives for desperate times!

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Last Updated on December 25, 2020

Imagine the following situation. There you are, sitting on your toilet after you’ve just finished doing your thing. You stretch your hand towards the toilet paper holder and… surprise, surprise. You have run out of toilet paper. Now what? You will probably have to walk around the house, with your pants down on your ankles, looking for alternatives. Don’t worry, we have all been through this. Whether you are camping and forgot to pack a roll of toilet paper, you can’t find this product on the supermarket shelves due to a global toilet paper shortage, or you simply just don’t have toilet paper for some reason, there is always a second plan – and a third one, and a fourth. Some of the following options are not exactly great toilet paper substitutes. But desperate times call for desperate measures. And at least they are infinitely better than walking around with a dirty bum, right?

1. Napkins and paper towels

These are the most obvious choices. Napkins and paper towels are very similar to toilet paper. So you shouldn’t notice much difference – they are equally efficient, although a little rougher. It would be a tremendous misfortune to run out of toilet paper and napkins at the same time. We just hope your kitchen isn’t too far away from the bathroom. Otherwise, the odds of you tripping over your own pants are pretty high. Important tip: don’t throw napkins nor paper towels into the toilet. Unlike toilet paper, they weren’t designed to quickly dissolve when you flush. Throw them in the trash can instead!

2. Bidet

If you live in the United States of America, there’s a chance that you may not know what we are talking about. So, in case you are wondering, bidets are large bowls (similar in size and shape to a toilet) with a water supply and drainage opening, where people sat on to wash their genitalia. Some European countries even require by law a bidet to be in every bathroom. If you care deeply about your personal hygiene, you should always use a bidet after you poop. They are much more effective and environmentally friendly than toilet paper. If your bathroom isn’t prepared to receive a standalone bidet due to a lack of space or plumbing units, you can buy an add-on bidet (also known as toilet bidets). These devices are attached to the toilet seat and don’t require an additional plumbing unit since they are connected to the existing water supply of the toilet. They produce a water jet that is sent through a moveable or fixed nozzle. You just have to activate the jet and use the water to wash yourself properly. Depending on the type of add-on bidet that you want (electrical or mechanical, with or without adjustable water pressure, temperature compensation, etc.), prices may vary from about thirty to a couple of hundred dollars.


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