8 best toilet paper alternatives for desperate times!

Last Updated on March 31, 2021

3. Bum gun

Now that you know everything about bidets, here’s another new bathroom item that you need to know about. The term bum gun is used to describe a handheld bidet shower. It is very similar to a normal shower, but instead of being inside a bathtub or a shower cabin, it is placed near the toilet. This device is very popular in Asian cultures. If you have ever been to Thailand, for example, you have certainly come across a bum gun. And if you tried it, you were certainly fascinated by the sense of cleanliness and freshness it provided. It’s time to upgrade your bathroom!

4. Sanitary napkins

From now on, we are going to leave out the good toilet paper alternatives and start discussing the least-bad. You obviously shouldn’t use sanitary napkins to wipe your bum unless it is an absolute emergency, and you have no other option. But since most women always carry at least one sanitary napkin in their handbag, it can become very useful when you are in a public toilet and only notice that you don’t have toilet paper after you have finished. They might be soft and highly absorbent, but they are also very polluting and expensive when compared to regular toilet paper.

5. Leaves

Have you ever had a sudden urge to poop at the most inconvenient time? Like when you are outdoors enjoying nature? Well, it does indeed happen. You do what you have to do and clean yourself with what you have available. Using leaves for this purpose is a classic. Mullein leaves and banana leaves are amazing – they are smooth, soft, and absorbent, so your bum won’t even notice any difference whatsoever.

6. Cloth rag

The truth is that your bathroom closet probably has a couple of soft, clean towels and cloth rags that can easily replace toilet paper. So why not use them? Sure, washing that piece of fabric afterward will be pretty disgusting. But remember, those are desperate times. If you are in a public bathroom or outdoors and you don’t know what to do, you can also take off your socks and use them. Just make sure you throw them in the trash can immediately after. And don’t tell anyone you did that. Ever. People will judge you.


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