8 Creative Ways To Reuse Your Plastic Bags!

Last Updated on January 19, 2021

Did you know that we use 100 million tons of plastic bags each year? According to the World Counts predictions, around 5 trillion plastic bags will be used this year. Now look at your house, is it filled with piles of plastic bags that you want to get rid of? Whether you’re looking to reduce waste and protect the environment or indulge in fun crafts and hacks, there are many ways to manage those little plastic demons! Leave no waste and waste no time by following these fun plastic bag recycling hacks. Read on!

1. Reuse for produce

Yes, produce bags can be recycled despite their frailty. If you have any produce bags left in your home, you can reuse them on your next trip to the supermarket, and even if you get more produce bags from the supermarket or grocery store, don’t just throw them away, store them in your kitchen for future use. If the produce bags get wet or dirty, why not give them a rinse, let them dry, and restore them?

2. Reuse as gloves

Well, we are not telling you to use a plastic bag as regular gloves! We’re saying that next time you want to pick up dirt in your yard or dog poo on your carpet, but you don’t have your rubber gloves around, you can use any plastic bag. Practical, isn’t it?

3. Reuse to store other plastic bags

Do you have a collection of plastic bags of all sizes? Now, it’s pretty obvious what you’re going to do: Use the biggest plastic bag to store the smaller ones. You will do your kitchen a favor, especially if the plastic bags are all over the place!

4. Reuse to protect paint brushes/rollers

So you’re done painting your wall or on your canvas and are too lazy to wash your paintbrushes or rollers? Simple: keep them in a plastic bag; it will keep them from drying out, especially if you wrap it properly (and why not wrap it with another plastic bag?!). Here is another hack for you: you can put the plastic bag where you stored your roller in the fridge — your roller will stay fresh for use!

5. Reuse for creative crafts

You can’t imagine how many ideas you can use plastic bags for! And since we’re all bored these days, not being able to travel or do any favorite outdoor activities, we might as well be creative at home and use plastic bags to create things like gift bows, plastic bag baskets, or even a plastic bag jump rope!


6. Reuse to protect plants from frost

Nobody wants frost to bite their plants. So, protect your precious outdoor plants by tying one of your plastic bags around them. And don’t worry, the plastic buffer can prevent the harsh weather from damaging the plants. Don’t forget to be gentle while putting the plastic bags around your plants!

7. Reuse to line trash bins

Why would you want to line your trash bin with a plastic bag? To recycle! If you want to recycle, no matter what, you won’t run out of any ideas to do so. So, you have that trash bin that is looking a bit off? Put a plastic bag on it!

8. Reuse as Pom Pom light

Remember when we said that there is no limit to what you can do with a plastic bag or your creativity? Cut plastic bags to form a pom pom light and use them as decoration for your patio. Your home will look both cozy and trendy! Now you have everything you need to recycle, so go for it! Let us know how it went in the comments!



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