8 Household Uses For Hand Sanitizer You Should Know

Last Updated on January 12, 2021

While washing your hands should always be the first alternative on your mind to prevent the spreading of germs and diseases, hand sanitizer is an excellent second best. It’s practical; you can carry it with you wherever you go and use it whenever water and soap are not at your disposal. But did you know there are at least eight alternative uses for a hand sanitizer that are pretty convenient and useful? This powerful germ-killer can be quite useful both inside and outside your house, and it can do much more than disinfecting your hands. Keep reading to discover eight smart uses of hand sanitizer!

1. Defog your mirrors and clean glass surfaces

Mirrors are such a pretty decorative item and quite useful as well. But they get dirty pretty easily – especially the ones in your bathroom. If you want to get rid of those unwanted toothpaste spatters and prevent your mirror from getting all foggy after you shower, hand sanitizer will do the trick! But how to clean a mirror using hand sanitizer? It’s easy. Wipe the hand sanitizer in the mirror with a soft cotton cloth, and then use a clean cotton cloth to wipe it off.

2. If a bug bites you, use hand sanitizer to ease the itch

Enjoying the fresh air can be quite relaxing, except mosquitoes around to bug you and bite you. You can always use insect repellent during your nature walks, but there are all sorts of blood-sucking insects waiting to have a taste of your blood, like chiggers or black flies, and the insect repellent might not be enough. To ease the itch, there is a simple and practical solution: hand sanitizer! Use this convenient liquid to treat those annoying bug bites, and you will not only reduce the inflammation, but you will also prevent any further infection.

3. Remove leftover adhesive from surfaces

Everyone enjoys the thrill of the hunt when going shopping but coming home and removing the stuck-on price tags is not half as fun. Leftover adhesive can be found on many surfaces, from your store-bought soap dispenser to your favorite table, for example. But if you apply hand sanitizer to the affected surface and leave it there for a few minutes, the adhesive will soften, and you can easily remove it using a dry cloth.

4. Clean those annoying fingerprints from stainless steel appliances

House cleaning is already hard enough, but when you have stainless steel appliances filled with fingerprints, it can become ten times worst. However, there is no need to spend a lot of money on fancy cleaning products when you can use your reliable hand sanitizer. Squeeze a little bit of this product onto a soft cotton cloth, and then proceed to scrub the dirty areas of your stainless-steel appliances gently. This will work great even when trying to remove greasy fingerprints.

5. Remove nail polish and paint

If you like to be ready for everything that might happen, carrying hand sanitizer can be quite convenient. It will save you from the burden of having to carry nail polish remover as well! Hand sanitizer will not only help you remove the nail polish from your nails, but it will also be quite effective when trying to remove paint or nail polish from your clothes or furniture. Using clear hand sanitizer is the best alternative, especially if you are using it on clothes.


6. Clean your mouse and keyboard

Even if you can’t tell by looking at your mouse and keyboard, these are both pretty dirty surfaces that need to be cleaned properly and frequently. Dust, debris, bacteria, dead skin cells, and oils from your skin will all accumulate onto these surfaces. Hand sanitizer is a great alternative to free-flowing liquids such as spray disinfectants or rubbing alcohol. The gel consistency makes it much safer to use when cleaning your electronic devices. Apply the disinfecting gel onto a soft cloth, and then rub your keyboard and mouse gently.

7. Sanitize dirty surfaces in public spaces

Cold and flu season are dangerous for everyone, and being out in public can be quite a nerve-wracking experience for those who get sick easily. While some public places provide sanitizing wipes to use on shopping carts, many others do not. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Take your hand sanitizer with you wherever you go and use it to disinfect these places you need to touch like shopping cart handles, doorknobs, or even toilet seats. The alcohol will be enough to sanitize these surfaces before you need to touch them.

8. Clean your personal belongings

By now, everyone is well aware that our hands carry all sorts of germs and bacteria. So, it is no surprise that the items we handle daily are also quite dirty. Use hand sanitizer to disinfect your personal belongings – from your keys and wallet to your smartphone and credit cards. Bonus points: when cleaning your cellphone with hand sanitizer, the screen will end up looking as good as new. Awesome, right?



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